Everybody Run! Fast Zombies With Guns!

You always have to love a movie whose title also doubles for the plot synopsis. Such a case is Fast Zombies With Guns. For all of you out there who hate zombies that can run, this time they can run and shoot.

Megan Fox to Meet Jonah Hex

The big screen adaptation of Jonah Hex just got itself some serious sex appeal, as Megan Fox has joined the cast that already includes Josh Brolin and John Malkovich.

The Thirteenth Hour Finds its Writers

Former president of production at New Line Mike Deluca's film adaptation of the Richard Doetsch time travel novel The Thirteenth Hour has finally found its writers -- Michael Brandt and Derek Haas.

Outlander DVD Specs Announced

IGN got the early word on the special features that'll be found on the Outlander DVD when it hits video store shelves. Genius Products and The Weinstein Company are releasing the film, described by some as "Beowulf meets Predator", this coming May 19, 2009.

One-Eyed Monster Invades Home Theaters April 28

Adult film actors Ron Jeremy and Veronica Hart have teamed up with mainstream actress Amber Benson to conjure up One-Eyed Monster, a comedy homage to classic horror films such as Alien and The Thing. The story is the cast and crew of an adult film become stranded in a blizzard, and things go horribly awry after Ron Jeremy's crotch becomes possessed by an aggressive alien entity.

Crazies Casting News

New casting news has just come in concerning Breck Eisner's remake of the George A. Romero classic The Crazies, which is slated to begin principal photography March 5 in Georgia.

The Buz: Dawn of the Woven Dead

Buz "Danger" Wallick here with more random LOL's for you. This time we delve into the deep-seated horror known as yarn puppets, but with a Romero twist.

*UPDATE* A Look at the Pandorum One Sheet and Trailer!

It still freaks me out that the same Paul W.S. Anderson directed Event Horizon as well as churning out the crap that has been his last several films. Thankfully, he has nothing to do with this, but can ya blame me for randomly smacking him around? Ahem ... Anyway, we have a look at the poster for the latest sci-fi/horror mash-up Pandorum for ya!

The Poker Club DVD Art and Specs

What's with all the movies about people accidentally killing other people lately? Hit and Run, The Red Mist, etc. Good thing for us accidental death usually leads to some form of bloody revenge, and that's exactly what happens in director Tim McCann's The Poker Club.

Exclusive Bloody Clip from Dead in 3 Days

The latest slasher flick from Dimension Extreme, Dead in 3 Days (review), hits stores this week and it's a winner. To celebrate we have a nice and gooey exclusive clip for you to dig on!

Pontypool Gets an Artsy East Coast Premiere

Canada’s inventive new take on the zombie genre, Pontypool, will be celebrating its East Coast premiere at the famous Museum of Modern Art located at 11 West 53rd Street in New York City. The first screening will be held Thursday, March 19th, at 6:15 p.m. with a second showing on Saturday, March 21st, at 8:45 p.m.

Philly Fest's 2009 Danger After Dark Lineup

The Philadelphia Film Festival/CineFest 09 is offering up lots of genre film goodies for horror fans this spring during its Danger After Dark series.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Videodrome

This time out Rick revisits an old, dear friend. Long Live the Old Flesh!

Behind the Scenes of Lesbian Vampire Killers Part Deux

Ok, we showed you "The Boys" webisode here so now it's time to bring on those sexy, and toothy, lezzies! YAY! Hey, there could be worse ways to buy the farm.

Gehera: The Hairiest Kaiju You've Ever Seen!

The Kaiju, or giant monster, movies out of Japan have long been fodder for many a fan's amusement. There's just nothing like seeing a guy in a rubber suit stomp a building. With Gehara, director Kiyotaka Taguchi is out to prove that there's nothing like seeing a gut in a hairy rubber suit stomp a building.