Make a Date with The Box

Richard Kelly's latest chiller The Box finally has a release date. In a rare turn of events, the movie has been moved up from its proposed original release date in November to arrive just in time for Halloween!

A Perfect Getaway Gets a Rating

We're on David Twohy overload at the moment (check out our reviews column and you'll know why) so forgive me if I'm a little short-winded this time out.

New Riddick Game Videos

It's hard to believe that Atari Games' The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena is just a few weeks away. In celebration of the game's April 7th, 2009 release, we've got a couple of new videos for you to dig on!

Pascal Laugier Raises Hell About Dogs, Details & More!

"It’s a good time to be me,” Pascal Laugier jokingly told the folks at Fangoria recently during an in-depth interview. The French director of Martyrs touched upon all his upcoming projects, and we've got the highlights for you.

Aja's Piranha 3D Preparing to Roll in Havasu

We learned last month that filming of Alexandre Aja's 3D take on the classic (to some of us) Piranha wouldn't be taking place until weather conditions permitted, and it looks like spring has sprung!

Expect a Hairy Showdown in High Moon

Werewolves are big around these parts. We love the hell out of the big hulking critters. And what better to go with all those teeth and claws than a little bit of Western flavor?

Mane and Harris On Set in H2

Another candid image from the set of Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 has hit online, this time showing Tyler Mane as Myers (once again sans mask) clowning around with Danielle Harris.

Make a Fresh Start at Harper's Globe

The first interactive video from the "Harper's Island" social experiment called HarpersGlobe.com just went live, and it's pretty creepy!

BUFF 2009 to Showcase Bad Biology, Plague Town & More!

Tomorrow night kicks off this year’s Boston Underground Film Festival in a very sick, twisted, and joyously demented way: with a screening of Frank Henenlotter’s latest body horror opus Bad Biology!

Lionsgate Plays Hunger Games

Hoping to capitalize on the popularity of the tweener craze, Variety reports tonight that Lionsgate has secured the feature rights to Suzanne Collins' futuristic novel The

Laid to Rest Theatrical One-Sheet

With Robert Hall's Laid to Rest getting a limited theatrical run, it was only a matter of time before a one-sheet came to light, and wow is it badass!

The Frogs Reunite in Lost Boys 3

Warner Premiere is hoping to rid your mind of the pain and suffering caused by Lost Boys: The Tribe (review) by delivering a third film in the franchise. One that will focus primarily on Feldman's character of Edgar Frog.

Behold the Cleavagefield Monster!

People all over the web spent months speculating about what the Cloverfield monster would look like, salivating over every potential nugget of information and misinformation about its top secret appearance. Not so much the monster from Jim Wynorski's T&A spoof Cleavagefield, but just wait until you see this thing.

Hear The Shrieking of Bigfoot!

Yet another Sasquatchploitation flick is ready to hit home video this spring (I'm sure much to Foy's delight) from Funhouse Pictures. This one was several years in the making, too! It's the epic known as Shawn Hunt's The Shrieking!

The Platoon of the Dead Get a Trailer

And the dead keep marching on. At least they do in John Bowker and Joe Sherlock's latest undead romp, The Platoon of the Dead. Get on your gear, people! It's time to hump it to the cemetery!