Get Ready to Play with Michael Myers

Fellow geek fanboys like myself have all been asking one question (well, actually we haven't but for argument's sake): "Who will be handling the action figure for Rob Zombie's Halloween 2? And the answer is ....

Strip and Slash with Joe Knetter

Horror author/actor Joe Knetter checked in today with an update on his latest project, Strip Club Slasher, in which he will be playing ... what else? ... the Stripper Slayer.

Three New Stills: Twilight: New Moon

Three images from the set of the second entry in the Twilight saga, Chris Weitz's New Moon, surfaced online today. Please ... for the love of everything holy .... try to contain your excitement! Really, all that drooling and sparkling .... it's just unbecoming, man!

Spanish and ItalianTrailers for Imago Mortis

From the producers of Pan’s Labyrinth and The Orphanage and the script writer of [REC], comes a new chilling horror film from director Stefano Bessoni -- Imago Mortis! Curious? Yeah, us too.

Leisure Books Calls for "Fresh Blood"

Attention wannabe writers! Attention noob writers! Do you want your chance to become rich, famous, and published by one of the largest horror publishers in the business? Leisure Books just announced that, in partnership with Rue Morgue Magazine and horror fiction site ChiZine, they will present a new writing contest specifically for unpublished horror authors. And what will the first prize be, you might ask?

New Flash Poster for The Crypt

The perfect complement to a good trailer is a nice bit of artwork, and since we live in the time of The Jetsons (sans the jet-packs and flying cars), posters have become increasingly more intricate. Such is the case for this latest poster for Craig McMahon's The Crypt!

More Zombie Marriage Counseling

Yes, fellow shamblers, yet another video installment of Alex Ferrari's short film series Zombie Marriage Counseling is ready for you to take a bite out of!

Ju-On Game Coming to US in October! New Images!

All I can say is hallelujah! After the disappointing cancellation of the fourth Fatal Frame game in the States, hopes were next to nil that we'd see the recently announced Ju-On game here. God forbid we get something other than Cooking Mama or Barbie's Horse Adventure!

The Church of Freddy Krueger!

Freddy Krueger fans know what a huge role the church has played is his fictitious exploits, so it's only natural that Platinum Dunes find a suitably scary locale for his house of the unholy for the remake - Gary, Indiana's City Methodist Church!

Stepfather Remake Trailer Coming in June

People out there looking forward to the remake of The Stepfather (all ten of you) will get a chance to dig on the trailer for the movie sooner rather than later.

H2: New Photo of Myers

Yet another new image of Tyler Mane as Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 surfaced today, from what we believe to be the beginning portion of the film before he became all battle-damaged! Dig it!

First Look at A Mannequin in Static

Here at Dread Central we're always on the lookout for interesting sounding indie projects, so we were intrigued by an email we received today from Josh Hasty, a filmmaker from Cincinnati, Ohio, who is currently wrapping up production on his first feature film titled A Mannequin in Static.

Lionsgate Gives Us the Horror Blu's

Earlier this week we reported that Lionsgate was prepping The Haunting in Connecticut for a July 14 release, and today they’re telling us they’re about to introduce two catalogue titles into the world of 1080p resolution and lossless audio.

New Trailer for 9

A new trailer for Focus Features' post-apocalyptic animated feature 9 based upon the short film of the same name by Shane Acker hit online today, and it's pretty friggin' eye popping!

Trailer: The Crypt

People never learn. You don't plunder coffins in search of riches. That shit never ends well, man. Craig McMahon's latest film The Crypt gives a perfect example as to why the dead should be left buried!