Horrorwood Babbles On: Going Once! Twice! Gone! (But Never Forgotten)

Driving past the recently “EX” Ackerminimansion onto the ever-congested Hollywood freeway, I had the feeling you get at the beginning of a nasty flu or on the morning of a newly minted depression. I felt like I was standing over my own shoulder, shaking my head at myself. No matter the spin I put on it, I was motoring toward the final nail in the coffin of an era. A nail called: the Forrest J Ackerman Estate Auction. The era that was ending had practically built me. Maybe you too?

Quarantine 2 About to Get Under Way

It's a typically slow news weekend, but one story has trickled out that is worth mentioning: "Official" development of Quarantine 2 has begun under the auspices of Sony Screen Gems.

Last Trailer for The Last Battleground

Microbudget filmmaker Sonny Fernandez has been keeping us all posted about the progress on his apocalyptic epic The Last Battleground, a film that appears very low on budget but very high in ambition. Now he's sharing the final trailer for his magnum opus.

Carrasco Rider: Howard the Duck Meets Kamen Rider?

This is not horror related - or is it? Do tuxedo-wearing mutants with eggs for heads frighten you? If so, this trailer may traumatize you. Not to worry, Carrasco Rider and his mini masked duck badassery will save us all. This can only mean more certifiably insane wackiness from Japan that must be seen to be believed.

The Weekly Wrap-Up: May 24-30, 2009

Memorial Day officially kicked off the summer movie season, but it's still several more months until 2009's most high-profile star-powered horror offerings like Zombieland, The Road, The Box, andThe Wolfman hit theatres in the late fall.

Ultra Wacky Deep Sea Monster Raiga Trailer Surfaces

Oh, those wacky Japanese. The screwy trailer has arrived for the new Japanese giant monster flick Deep Sea Monster Raiga, a sequel to 2005's Deep Sea Monster Reigo. I had no idea Raiga even existed because, to the best of my knowledge, Reigo has yet to be released. Or has it? I'm clearly not as up-to-speed on my daikaiju cinema as I should be. I do know you need to see this trailer.

The Final Destination Website Opens

The official website for the latest David R. Ellis entry into the Final Destination franchise entitled simply The Final Destination opened its doors today with a whole lot of ...

Dear Dracula Gets the CGI Feature Treatment

The company behind last summer’s surprise comic book-based hit movie Wanted, Kickstart Entertainment, has announced today the acquisition of Joshua Williamson's Dear Dracula, which was published by Image/Shadowline Comics last October. Their mission? Turn it into a CGI feature film.

Alien Prequel CONFIRMED

Just a couple of days ago chatter started surfacing about a possible Alien prequel or remake and today ... confirmation has come.

Fringe DVD / Blu-ray Artwork

Fans of "Fringe" rejoice! The show is coming home from Warner Bros on September 8th with all sorts of bells and whistles to make your home video player purr!

Video Trailer for del Toro and Hogan's The Strain

It seems like the latest new thing in literary promotions is a video trailer for upcoming novels. And there isn't a more highly anticipated book on the horizon than Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan's co-written The Strain, so of course it's gone viral too!

Wolfenstein 3D: Wanna Kill Some Nazis?

It’s a premise that never gets old. Killin’ Nazis! And beginning June 3, you’re going to have the opportunity to mount up and start huntin’ because Wolfenstein 3D is heading back to the consoles for more bloodshed!

Roth's Big Budget Project Gets a Name

As we told you this past April, Eli Roth has a couple of irons in the fire right now: a feature-length version of the "Thanksgiving" short film from Grindhouse and a big budget sci-fi thriller.

Orphan Ads Make Foster Groups Cry

Further evidence of the pussification of our beloved country came to light today as ABC News reports that ads for Juame Collet-Serra's upcoming film Orphan are making foster care groups and adoptive parents sad. Boo friggin' hoo.

See 14 Seconds of New Moon

That's right, tweeners and cougars! Get ready to treat yourselves to some footage that is absolutely guaranteed to make you sparkle with anticipation! Fourteen whole seconds from the forthcoming New Moon trailer that will debut on MySpace this Sunday after the MTV Movie Awards.