New Army of Frankenstein Details

Almost a month ago we reported that the Nazi zombie opus Worst Case Scenario was DOA, but a new film from its proposed director Richard Raaphorst was well on its way. Today the director sets things straight with an informative update.

Two New Laid to Rest Teaser Posters

We're pretty excited about Anchor Bay's April 21st release of Robert Hall's latest horror flick Laid to Rest (review here) and apparently he is as well! To celebrate the movie hitting DVD two more "character" teaser posters have shown up on the flick's site!

Elizabeth Shue to Swim with Piranhas!

Every now and again a cool rumor will end up getting confirmed and there's cause for a little rejoicing. The latest tidbit for the old truth file? Elizabeth Shue will be starring in Aja's Piranha 3D! Those lucky, lucky fish!

Battling Boy Next for Watchmen Scribe

With the success of Watchmen it wasn't going to be long before writer Alex Tse landed another gig -- and said gig coming in the form of yet another comic-to-film adaptation. Who would have guessed?

Michael Sheen to Lead Vamp Clan in New Moon

The star power in Twilight sequel New Moon just got kicked up a notch with the announcement that Michael Sheen (aka Lucian the Lycan in the Underworld trilogy) has joined the cast. But this time he'll be playing for the other team.

A Trailer for Julie Delpy's The Countess

One of history's most intriguing figures is Elizabeth Bathory, whose nickname, the "Blood Countess", refers to the legendary accounts of her bathing in the blood of virgins in order to retain her youth. Acclaimed French actress Julie Delpy has taken on Bathory's persona in The Countess, which she also directed.

Trailer, Art, and Stills: Easter Bunny, KILL! KILL!

Never mind colored eggs! There is no better way to celebrate the resurrection of your lord than by indulging into another slice of cinematic depravity called Easter Bunny, KILL! KILL! courtesy of director Chad Ferrin!

A Look at Bissette's King Kong vs. Godzilla Sketch

Remember a couple of weeks ago when we let you know about a special screening of King Kong vs. Godzilla that's taking place in New Hampshire? No? Well hit that article for a quick refresher. The night of the screening a special sketch drawn by artist Steve Bissette is going to be given away and we've got a look at it for ya!

New Image of Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body

Who doesn't want to take a peek at Jennifer's Body? With Megan Fox in the lead role there are plenty of guys and gals out there just salivating for the chance to check her out! There's no doubt Fox is gorgeous in the flick, but it's her demons that we find most attractive.

Teaser Art for The Land of Canaan

The teaser art for The Land of Canaan popped up today on the official Land of Canaan MySpace page and it's got us pretty interested if only for the cast!

One of the Many Faces of Michael Myers

Now that filming has wrapped on Rob Zombie's Halloween 2, he must have figured it was time to reveal a taste of what we can expect when Michael Myers once again dons the mask, even if it will be for only a small part of the film as reported previously.

Nakata's Kaidan DVD Coming June 30th

It must be Hideo Nakata Day! First we got news of free tickets to screenings of his Death Note: L, Change the World, and now comes word from UpcomingHorrorMovies.com that his 2007 film Kaidan is set to hit DVD on June 30, 2009.

See Death Note: L, Change the World For Free!

As you may remember, Death Note: L, Change the World will be shown theatrically during a limited two-night, multi-city run on April 29th and 30th, 2009. Thanks to VIZ Pictures and Trans World Entertainment, you can take part in a special giveaway campaign at participating F.Y.E. and Suncoast stores to receive a free ticket to attend the English-dubbed screening on April 30th (while supplies last).

The Weekly Wrap-Up: April 5-11, 2009

During the week of April 5-11, 2009, we made our first official mention of Twitter and Dread Central's presence on the rapidly booming social networking/micro-blogging site. Our man in the field Nomad reported in real time from the sets of both The Crazies and Rob Zombie's Halloween 2.

Confirmed: 8/14 Release for A Perfect Getaway

It's midsummer, the air is hot and balmy, and you're just in the mood to take a mini-vacation to the theatre for a little action with Milla Jovovich. Sounds ideal, right? Now we can tell you when you can officially do so!