Alien Prequel CONFIRMED

Just a couple of days ago chatter started surfacing about a possible Alien prequel or remake and today ... confirmation has come.

Fringe DVD / Blu-ray Artwork

Fans of "Fringe" rejoice! The show is coming home from Warner Bros on September 8th with all sorts of bells and whistles to make your home video player purr!

Video Trailer for del Toro and Hogan's The Strain

It seems like the latest new thing in literary promotions is a video trailer for upcoming novels. And there isn't a more highly anticipated book on the horizon than Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan's co-written The Strain, so of course it's gone viral too!

Wolfenstein 3D: Wanna Kill Some Nazis?

It’s a premise that never gets old. Killin’ Nazis! And beginning June 3, you’re going to have the opportunity to mount up and start huntin’ because Wolfenstein 3D is heading back to the consoles for more bloodshed!

Roth's Big Budget Project Gets a Name

As we told you this past April, Eli Roth has a couple of irons in the fire right now: a feature-length version of the "Thanksgiving" short film from Grindhouse and a big budget sci-fi thriller.

Orphan Ads Make Foster Groups Cry

Further evidence of the pussification of our beloved country came to light today as ABC News reports that ads for Juame Collet-Serra's upcoming film Orphan are making foster care groups and adoptive parents sad. Boo friggin' hoo.

See 14 Seconds of New Moon

That's right, tweeners and cougars! Get ready to treat yourselves to some footage that is absolutely guaranteed to make you sparkle with anticipation! Fourteen whole seconds from the forthcoming New Moon trailer that will debut on MySpace this Sunday after the MTV Movie Awards.

American Werewolf to Hit the Screen in London

An American Werewolf in London is starting up where it left off in a planned screening of the film in London, UK. Curzon Cinemas is making this more than just a screening; included will be live music and booze in their 'Slaughtered Lamb' themed bar, special guests will do the introductions, and lots of other little things will be included in the festivities.

Ghostbusters Two-Pack Minimates

Diamond Select Toys knows who you’re gonna call and adds Ghostbusters 2’s Dr. Ray Stantz and the first-ever Glow-in-the-Dark Slimer to its popular Minimates collectible line with the release of this two-pack. Designed and sculpted by Art Asylum, each 2” Minimate features removable and interchangeable parts as well as 14 points of articulation.

Paul Verhoeven Is Looking for a Surrogate

I think I speak for everyone when I say that Paul Verhoeven needs to make more movies. Hell, if you haven’t ‘suffered’ through the absolutely perverse delights of The 4th Man, you’re not really alive! And don’t get me started on RoboCop - absolute perfection.

Justin Long Talks Drag Me to Hell

There is no doubt that Justin Long is a funny guy. After all, his resume is filled with hilarious performances in films like Dodgeball, Waiting, Accepted, and Idiocracy. So imagine his surprise when he got the call from director Sam Raimi to play the straight man in his new horror film, Drag Me to Hell.

Little Jason or Michael J. Anderson?

I've made my feelings about the Friday the 13th remake abundantly clear by now, but since it's hitting Blu-ray and DVD on June 16th, all my venom is bubbling back up to the surface. Will the new cut with the added footage do anything to change the minds of spurned fans like myself? I think that depends on what it is that didn't we see ... like more little Jason for instance.

New H2 Behind-the-Scenes Video

Dimension Films must be really pleased with how Rob Zombie's sequel to his blockbuster redux is turning out because they're already leaking some pretty nifty behind-the-scenes stuff!

True Blood Promo Site Generates Controversy

The line between advertising and editorial content got a bit more blurred recently when some confusion and controversy arose as a result of the gossip site Gawker's hosting of Bloodcopy, a fake blog set up by HBO to promote the upcoming second season of "True Blood".

Jones' Moon Will Rise All Over the World!

One upcoming movie that I think everyone around these parts is really going to love is the Sam Rockwell tour de force Moon, and luckily for the world, its rights have been sold to just about every place imaginable.