Jeffrey Combs Quotes The Raven!

While the further adventures of everyone’s favorite mad scientist, Herbert West, remain firmly up in the air, you can catch a Re-Animator reunion of sorts this summer if you’re living in or around the Hollywood area.

Welcome to Hoxford - Wishlist

As a writer, it can’t always be an easy thing to watch your novel take the trip to the big screen. The style or cast you envisioned may not always mesh with that of the director tackling the project.

July 2010 Is Looking Beastly

We all know that in order for there to be adult horror fans, there have to be projects that appeal to the youngsters out there so that they can grow up to be like us. Which is why stories like Beastly are a necessary evil.

English Language Trailer: Paintball

The English language trailer for Daniel Benmayor's slasher/shooter film Paintball has just splatted itself on the the web, and as expected it's wonderfully messy!

More Ushers Heading to the Big Screen

Despite the fact that two adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher have been produced in the past three years, indie production company Green Knight Ventures seems convinced that they’ve got a fresh approach to the classic tale.

Fox Officially Terminates Sarah Connor Chronicles

One thing I'll never completely understand is TV programming and why some shows make it when others that are just as worthy, if not more so, don't. Case in point: Fox TV's "Dollhouse" and "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles."

New Moon to Rise Over MTV Movie Awards

And a collective sigh was heard throughout the land of teendom. MTV informs us today that an exclusive clip from upcoming sequel New Moon will be shown during the live broadcast of its 2009 MTV Movie Awards.

CW Picks Up Vampire Diaries

What the hell's with all these diaries lately? Every beastie we've ever loved now has a diary of some sort for us to leaf through. Time for the pretty vamps that make teens swoon and cougars growl to have a shot!

Thomas Jane's Dark Country Goes Theatrical

Quick update for those of you out there excited about Thomas Jane's next feature in which he stars and directs, Dark Country -- looks like this baby is heading to theatres!

New One-Sheet: I Sell the Dead

IFC Films' latest acquisition, the Slamdance award winning zombie opus I Sell the Dead, just nailed itself some new artwork to go along with its limited release on August 14th, and we've got it served up for you fresh and cold!

Speedman, Cole Open The Moth Diaries

Mary (American Psycho) Harron has the first two stars ready to rock for her big screen adaptation of Rachel Klein's The Moth Diaries, which is set to start filming late this summer in Montreal. So who were the first attracted to the bright shiny flame?

New One-Sheet: District 9

It's hard to believe that summer is almost upon us. It seems like just yesterday we were ringing in the new year in a drunken stupor down in TJ with a band of traveling luchadors. Either way, summer = movies, and one of the flicks we're most looking forward to is Neill Blomkamp's alien epic District 9, which just so happens to have gotten itself a brand new poster!

Exclusive: Behind-the-Scenes Images: Piranha

Our man on the scene in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, Roger Galloway just sent us some new stills detailing the construction of the one-million-gallon fish tank to be used as one of the main set pieces in Alexandre Aja's upcoming redux Piranha 3D, and man, this thing is titan-sized!

Cannes One-Sheet: Penance

Jake Kennedy's next feature film, Penance, is being shopped at Cannes while we speak, and as a result the official sales one-sheet for the film has reared its head!

Death Gets a New Name: The Final Destination

What's in a name? To be honest, we never really cared for the title Final Destination: Death Trip 3D. It was a mouthful that never really rolled off the tongue. Apparently our sentiments have been echoed, and the David R. Ellis helmed sequel has gotten itself a brand spanking new name!