Civelek's Creepy Pumpkinator Qee

Toy2R dropped off some new artwork for a special limited edition Qee that will be available this Halloween.

Win Some Cash From Jack Brooks!

How cool would it be to both witness exclusive content from a badass monster movie and win $2500? Well, you can find out by signing up for the Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer Sweepstakes, which kicks into gear today!

Preview of The Stand Comic Now Online!

I know a lot of you out there, myself included, are eagerly looking forward to Marvel’s forthcoming comic translation of Stephen King’s The Stand, but you won’t have to wait too much longer. In fact, UGO has an exlclusive look at the first issue’s first six pages, to whet your apocalyptic appetite even more.

John Everson's Covenant Tour Dates!

Fans of John Everson's Bram Stoker Award winning book, Covenant (review), will have a chance to meet the author and have their copy of the novel personalized as early as this Friday.

Exclusive: Adam Mason's Pre-Broken Short "Prey"

Over the weekend we were dropped the good news from Broken and The Devil’s Chair (review) director Adam Mason that one of his first short films called “Prey”, made years before Broken (review) and since believed to be lost, has been found and is available exclusively for Dread Central readers!

Block is Back With Bigger Boat

Peter Block, former president of acquisitions and co-producer at Lionsgate, has set off on his own with a brand-new company called A Bigger Boat, securing distribution deals with Overture in North America and Alliance in the UK, Spain, Italy and Scandinavia, according to Variety.

Announcing the Shock Festival DVD & Trailer Contest! Win 100 Exploitation DVDs!

On October 29th, the highly anticipated new exploitation movie tribute book Shock Festival will be available in all its full-color gory glory (pre-order it here)!

DVD Release Highlights: Pumpkinhead Play

Here's a highlight list of horror DVDs coming out this Tuesday, September, 9th, 2008 ... cause I'm too lazy to do a full list. So there.

Official Plot, First Art for Bat Out of Hell

Though it’s been kept under wraps since it was first announced, the official synopsis for the Drew McWeeny/Scott Swan-penned flick Bat Out of Hell, which is set to be directed by none other than Joe Dante, revealed its true nature over the weekend.

Drew Struzan Retires

It truly is a sad day for movie fans worldwide as master artist and poster creator Drew Struzan has decided to retire from his life of illustration to focus on his family and his own paintings.

Borin Investigates The Butcherhouse Chronicles

I know this is a website and not something you’d likely be reading while standing up, but just in case be sure you’re sitting down for this one. Ready? A music video director has been hired to helm a horror movie for Platinum Dunes.

Fine Cut Helps Chaw

It’s not a huge update, but typing the word “chaw” is a helluva lot of fun so I’ll take what I can get. Variety is reporting this morning that Korean sales outfit Fine Cut has jumped on board the Seoul/San Francisco-shot horror/comedy Chaw to get the film out there and find some distribution.

Body in a Dumpster Teaser!

Because we do so love the indie scene round these parts and always strive to encourage those who we know to kick ass to continue doing so, I thought it only made sense to hip you guys to the teaser for a film called Body in a Dumpster, which just reared its twisted head today.

Ketchum's Right to Life Next Adaptation!

Add another Jack Ketchum story headed for the big screen, and aside from The Girl Next Door this might be the most disturbing one yet...

Lionsgate Giving Thanks For Ed Kemper

It seems like certain low budget filmmakers just flip through their serial killer trading cards looking for inspiration.