Mary-Kate Olsen is Looking Beastly

Ah, Mary-Kate. It doesn't seem so long ago that you were drooling on ABC. Now that you've grown you're making others do the drooling. Amazing how life works, eh? Now it's time for this young starlet to get a little "Beastly"!

Three Clips from REC 2

I love the Internet. Remember back in the days of the dinosaur when our only outlet to find out scoops and read about our most anticipated horror flicks was a few scattered magazines? They were great, but the wait for information could seem kind of endless. Now, just hours after we brought you the trailer for REC 2, three clips from the film have surfaced online!

Teri McMinn Talks Meathooks, Chainsaws, and Massacres

As any horror fan worth their salt knows, back in 1974, a little film was released (or unleashed) upon the public with the off-putting yet intriguing title, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Amazon Agrees to Be Gay

Time for a little shameless promotion! A while back Knetter and I wrote a collection of dark, disturbing, and dumb musings and then threw it all together in one book lovingly entitled -- Let's Just Agree to be Gay. There's something contained within these pages to offend, arouse, and confuse just about everyone.

Co-Author Chuck Hogan Talks The Strain

Hitting bookstores across the country on June 2nd, is the first book in a horrifying trilogy co-authored by horror-meister Guillermo del Toro and thriller/mystery award-winner Chuck Hogan. The Strain is but an introduction to some of the most horrific vampires to be seen or read about in QUITE some time (apologies to those folks who enjoy the romantic vampire novels – not my thing).

Crypticon: Horror In The Emerald City!

No, it’s not Microsoft’s follow-up to Windows Vista – it’s the 2009 Crypticon being held at the Seattle Center June 5th through June 7th!

Editorial: Is Horror Dying?

Following Drag Me to Hell's modest box office take, the folks at The Examiner have posted up an interesting editorial - "7 Reasons Why the Horror Genre is Dying".

E3: More Info on the Saw Video Game

Bummed you couldn't make it to this year's E3 event? Cheer up! What with all the Tweeting and Live Blogging taking place by those who could, it's almost just like being there.

District 9 Ad Campaign Hits the Streets

It looks like Sony, distributor of the new alien invasion flick District 9, took a page out of HBO's "True Blood" marketing book and came up with a truly clever ad campaign for the film. Along with placing posters inside comic books stores, they're decorating bus benches and shelters as well as billboards.

Behind the Scenes of New Moon

We know that your day just isn't complete without a reference to the Twilight saga so we're pleased to bring you some behind-the-scenes footage from the upcoming New Moon.

Quench Your Thirst This Summer

Park Chan-wook’s Thirst was a killer at the Cannes Film Festival so it’s no surprise that its North American distributor, Focus Features, is gearing up to get the bloodsucker opus into theaters while the buzz is still baking.

Pascal Laugier No Longer Raising Hell

A few weeks back I sat down with my Hellraiser Blu-ray, mindful of the fact that it was soon to be dusted off and dragged back to the multiplexes for a whole new generation of horror fans. It’s a hard film to picture existing with modern day sensibilities.

H2's Captain Clegg Update

After a few relatively quiet weeks, Rob Zombie is back to posting Halloween 2 info on his MySpace page. Today's topic: Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures.

New Bloody Teaser Trailer: REC 2

While the original REC (review here) wasn't exactly screaming for a sequel, let me be the first to admit that said sequel is looking pretty good, or at the very least packed with carnage. Lots and lots of carnage.

Piranha: Elisabeth Shue Can Kick the Shit Out of You!

Never mind Linda Hamilton. To hell with Kate Beckinsale. Angelina Jolie be damned! Piranha star Elisabeth Shue will twist you thin little lassies up into knots using nothing but her sheer brute strength!