Three Exclusive Images from Laid to Rest

With the DVD release of Robert Hall's Laid to Rest (review here) just around the corner, we got our hands on three exclusive images to feed your bloodlust until the film drops!

A Look at What the USPS Doesn't Want You to See

You know ... sometimes things happen that are nothing short of a complete and total affirmation that some of the people out there who are in positions of power are steadily sending the notion of rational thought to hell in a handbasket. Case in point: Promotional postcards printed up for journalists to spread awareness of Adam Rifkin's latest thriller Look have been deemed obscene by the United States Post Office and as a result couldn't be sent out. Of course we have them here for you.

Trailer for The Asylum's The Terminators

Never mind Christian Bale's meltdown or the promise of a good Terminator movie! Who cares about all that when The Asylum has its mockbuster The Terminators ready to blast off and blow our minds with their ... with their ... oh, you'll see.

RIP: Marilyn Chambers

The adult film industry and quite a few horror fans lost another star today as Marilyn Chambers, best known by our community for her role in David Cronenberg's Rabid, passed away at the all too young age of fifty-seven.

Trailer for The Institute of Séance

The trailer for short film The Institute of Séance hit online today via the official The Institute of Séance website, and I have to say it looks friggin' amazing! You need to check out this slice of retro-goodness like yesterday!

Steensland and Hautala to Show Animosity

Badass producer-director Mark Steensland and screenwriter Rick Hautala have acquired the screen rights to James Newman’s forthcoming novel Animosity via their newly formed Chang Shao Trading Company shingle, and we've got the first heads-up on what to expect.

Fearsome Fango Film Show Line-Up Announced

While they put the finishing touches on the panel schedule for this weekend's Los Angeles Weekend of Horrors, the folks at Fangoria have just released the line-up for the Fearsome Fango Film Show (running all three days: Friday in Room 502 A, second floor; Saturday & Sunday in Room 501 A-C, second floor; both located in West Hall B).

New Friday DVD / Blu-ray Re-issue News

Paramount Home Entertainment today released the specs for the upcoming re-releases of their Friday the 13th films. What made it? What didn't? What's coming? Find out inside!

Creepy Comics Returns in July

It's no secret my pen-name of Uncle Creepy was inspired by an old comic book from the Seventies that is near and dear to my heart -- Creepy. This July the comic will see a resurrection of sorts coming from the good folks at Dark Horse.

Infected DVD Art

Genius products announced today that there's a bit of movie monster mayhem heading to DVD on May 19 in the form of the new sci-fi thriller Infected, and we have a peek at the kind of cool cover art for ya!

Reminder: Black Devil Doll THIS WEEKEND!

I feel like we've been telling you about the goodness that is Black Devil Doll forever now. This flick, plain and simple, is going to be the shit, and this weekend you'll have three chances to see it -- one in California, one in New York, and one in New Mexico!

Konami Officially Announces Saw Video Game

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., today announced Saw: The Video Game is being developed for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system, Playstation 3 computer entertainment system and Windows PC.

Fourth Teaser Poster for The Graves

The fourth teaser poster for Brian Pulido's The Graves emerged today, this time showcasing a character with a penchant for some monstrous demonstrations.

New Still and Video Interviews from H2

And what would Monday be without another round of info about Rob Zombie's Halloween 2? I don't ever recall so much seeping online from a single movie in my life! Some say that's a good thing, others say bad, but it keeps things interesting, that's for sure!

DVD Releases: April 14, 2009: Fear the Repossessed Splinter in the Forest of Death

It looks like a pretty good week overall. Mixed in with some fears from the Forest of Death are a Band from Hell (always a fun time), "The Lost Collection" from Lionsgate, a Playboy anthology flick, and the pick of the week - Splinter!