H2: See Uncle Coffins in Action

Another imaginative tie-in for Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 hit the Net today. This time fans will get a chance to see Uncle Seymour Coffins in action hosting a Haddonfield Spookshow.

Day of the Triffids Promo Image

The first promotional image from the BBC's remake of The Day of the Triffids slithered online today for your perusal, and we've got a look at it for ya!

Follow The Crazies!

Man, the Internet has sure changed things. Remember when we used to have to wait to see behind-the-scenes images from movies? I guess those days are over. If you're following The Crazies on Twitter, you can hear from some of the film's stars and even see pictures from the set as they are taken.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Twilight

It might be the top selling DVD of the year so far with 5.6 million units flying off store shelves during its first weekend of availability, but you haven't really experienced Twilight until you've seen Rick Trembles' take on it.

Eve is Such a Tease!

And the similarities between Hack/Slash and Eve keep on rolling. Sort of like how we got Volcano and Dante's Peak, Armageddon and Deep Impact, anything that made money and any film from the Asylum.

*Update* Craven's NOT Home

Fresh off of a successful revisit to The Last House on the Left, Wes Craven is looking to take us to a new nightmarish place he calls Home.

Super Early Art for Chain Letter

You know what? I'm super excited about Deon Taylor's upcoming flick, Chain Letter, and not just because the movie has a great cast and is rumored to have some insane kills.

Dark Country Stills

Thomas Jane seems dead set on forging himself a place in horror history, and that's just fine with us as we are big fans. On his next film, Dark Country, which is being shot in 3D, he'll be pulling double-duty as director and star. The movie's looking pretty damned good, too, as you'll see form the stills released today.

The Burrowers Trailer Now Live

The trailer for The Burrowers surfaced today courtesy of Lionsgate to help further along anticipation of the upcoming DVD release of J.T. Petty's latest film.

Drag Me to Hell One-Sheet

We've spoken endlessly about Sam Raimi's long awaited return to horror Drag Me to Hell and for good reason -- it kicks all kinds of ass! And a kick ass movie deserves a kick ass poster does it not?

Paul Bettany to Join Screen Gems' Priest?

Not content with just one horror project on the horizon, director Scott Stewart is set to reunite with the star of his upcoming supernatural thriller Legion, Paul Bettany, as a means to breathe life into the live-action adaptation of Tokyo Pop's comic Priest.

Apatow Slasher Gets Name

A few weeks back news broke out of Sundance that comedy genius Judd Apatow was working on a slasher film with Bill Hader as the star. Tonight a few more details have emerged including a title for said project -- House of Joel.

A Trailer to Beg For!

The trailer for Kevin MacDonald's Beg has gone live, and of course we have a look at it for ya! The film sports quite an impressive horror-centric cast so let's hope the end product turn out as good as the trailer.

Kurt Angle's End Game

Oh, it's true! It's damn true! Someone really made a serial killer movie that has Olympic gold medal winning amateur wrestler turned world champion professional wrestler Kurt Angle as stalking a sexy ex-Survivor contestant and it's title is End Game.

First Look: True Blood Season 2

Hey, vamp fans! Can't get your fill of the toothy HBO series "True Blood"? Wonder what's next for Sookie and the gang? Well, a few images from Season 2 just hit online, and it looks as if things are business as usual.