Final Films for Toronto After Dark

Those brilliant bastards behind the Toronto After Dark Film Festival just announced a few last-minute additions to their already stellar lineup of films for the 2008 event, which goes down this October 17th-24h.

Trailer & Art for Zombie Film Dead Snow

There’s not a lot of info out there about the Norwegian zombie Nazi film Dead Snow, at least not that we can read, but since this is the first we’ve heard of it, we’ll let the images do the talking...

Fear Fest Teams With Wizard World; New Guests Announced!

I’m sure there were a lot of you out there who were pretty disappointed when we announced the postponement of Fear Fest 3, which was set to go down next weekend in Dallas. Believe me, no one was more upset by it than we were, but that cloud certainly had a very silver lining, indeed; namely, Fear Fest 3 will now be a part of Wizard World Texas!

Two New Fright Night Commentaries!

The sickos over at Icons of Fright have fulfilled their promise of delivering more “pirate” commentaries today with not one but two exclusive commentaries for Tom Holland’s classic Fright Night!

Theater Listings for My Name is Bruce Tour

Those primitive screwheads behind the official Bruce Campbell site just updated with a full listing of all the locations Bruce’s long-anticipated horror/comedy My Name is Bruce will be playing, and damnit if it isn’t a pretty impressive list!

Saxon, Thomerson & Barbeau Battle Warwolves

The Sci-Fi Channel is preparing to go to war with the wolves in their upcoming werewolf flick Warwolves, and John Saxon, Tim Thomerson, and Adrienne Barbeau have already enlisted for duty.

Splinter Trailer is Here!

The final poster artwork for Toby Wilkins’ badass monster movie, Splinter, is finally back in place (some MPAA issues saw it removed for a day or two), and today Apple unveiled the film’s official trailer!

Ramirez to Hunt Satanists in Jaguar

The Bourne Ultimatum star Edgar Ramirez is prepping to question his faith for a lead role in Viene el Jaguar, a new thriller being produced by Antorcha Films according to this morning’s Variety.

First Casting on Romero's Latest Dead Project

There are so many rumors floating around concerning George's latest Dead project, and some of it sounds completely ludicrous. Will it be a sequel to Diary? Does it take place on an island? Will there be underwater zombies? We're sure to find out soon enough, but in the interim there is one concrete development to report ...

The Outbreak: The Interactive Zombie Movie!

Remember those grand days when FMV games were coming out and we all marveled at being able to semi-direct the onscreen action? I can't believe I bought a Sega CD just for that... At least technology has grown so fast that we can get the same kinda thrills for free!

Two Boots Ready for Schlocktober!

Anyone on the East Coast knows that the Two Boots Pioneer Theater in New York is pretty much the venue to see hard-to-find, indie, and obscure horror films. Well, with October just around the corner they’ve got a massive amount of horrific goodness planned to make sure you never forget!

Satanic Panic Premiere Set

Word just came down from indie director Marc Selz that his latest contribution to our genre, Satanic Panic, is preparing for its world premiere screening in the small Illinois town of Wheeling. Since not much usually happens in the Midwest (I know, I used to live there), we’ve got to be sure we let you know when something finally does!

New Images From Whale Watching Massacre

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the incredibly strange-sounding Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre, but that’s only because the film has been going through post-production and there’s not been much to say.

Warners Moves Forward on I Am Legend Prequel

For reasons perhaps only the gods truly understand, Warner Bros. has begun to speed up the development of the proposed prequel to I Am Legend with Will Smith set to return as scientist Francis Neville and Francis Lawrence back in the director's chair, according to Variety.

Del Toro to Co-Write Vampire Trilogy

As if the man doesn't have enough on his plate already, the AP is reporting that Guillermo del Toro is slated to collaborate on a trilogy of vampire novels with renowned crime author Chuck Hogan.