Stills and Synopsis for UK's The Fallow Field

Picture if you will waking up one day not knowing who or where you are. Of course, this happens to me at least once a week, so I'm kind of used to it, but for others such an experience could be the gateway for terror. Welcome to the latest UK chiller, The Fallow Field.

Stills from The Shrieking

Indie film connoisseur Avery dropped some new stills from the Sasquatchploitation epic The Shrieking in our mailbox today, and what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than staring at images for an upcoming Bigfoot movie?

The Weekly Wrap-Up: March 15-21, 2009

It's the first full day of spring, a time of rebirth and rejuvenation. It's also a time of another "re" word -- remake -- but I'm going to temporarily put that trend on hold (other than reminding you all to read Adam Gierasch's blog Creepy Mofos ... Creepy Movies, the first subject of which happens to be those pesky re-dos).

Alyssa Milano Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts

The beautiful Alyssa Milano is set to prove to gamers everywhere this summer that she can bust 'em with the best of 'em. Lord, that just sounded so right, did it not?

Troma Unleashes Combat Shock

In their never-ending quest to put out the finest in obscure entertainment, Troma announced today that they're releasing Buddy Giovinazzo's Combat Shock as a two-disc never-before-seen director's cut on July 28th, 2009.

Burg Confirms Shawnee Back for Saw 6

Being dead hasn't stopped Jigsaw from coming back for sequels, has it? As a means to hopefully make amends for the abysmal Saw V (go ahead ... sing the song ... you know you want to), producer Mark Burg has confirmed that Shawnee Smith will be returning to her role as Amanda in the next sequel.

Thirst Poster Banned, Then Revised for Korean Market

Apparently Koreans don't like it when you mess with their priests. As soon as the first teaser poster for Thirst became public, it was banned for being "too provocative and disturbing."

Paramount Puts Damn Nation on Fast Track

Just in case there aren't enough book-to-screen adaptations for us to keep track of already, news of another came today: Damn Nation, which was published by Dark Horse Comics in 2005. It was written by Andrew Cosby with artwork by Jason Shawn Alexander.

Anchor Bay Has a Double Chin

The good folks at Anchor Bay dropped by the artwork and specs for their upcoming Bruce Campbell Double Feature, which includes The Man With the Screaming Brain and Alien Apocalypse. I know ... you're too excited for words!

'Zine Review: Rue Morgue #87

Issue #87 March 2009

New Images from Paintball

You're out there alone. Just you and your weapon. Surrounding you there's nothing but people looking to shoot you right in the face. You make a wrong move, and the next thing you know you're dripping with ... paint?

Tiny Teaser Poster for Frozen

You never know what you're gonna find while you're surfing around online these days. For instance over on the official ArieScope website there's a teeny tiny preliminary teaser poster for Adam Green's upcoming chiller Frozen.

EXCL: Haunting in Connecticut Director Talks Rating and DVD

Got a chance to sit down with the director of The Haunting in Connecticut, Peter Cornwell, today to get the skinny on the movie and uncovered some juicy things about the film's rating and eventual home video release.

New Acclaimed Martyrs Poster

A new poster for the critically acclaimed Martyrs debuted online today that actually shows off some of that acclaim. Look closely, and you might even see a site or two you're familiar with!

Sam Fell Tapped for Demonkeeper by Fox 2000

Fox 2000 has attached director Sam Fell, known mostly for his animated films The Tale of Despereaux and Flushed Away, to its adaptation of Royce Buckingham's novel Demonkeeper for the big screen. Laeta Kalogridis, whose resume includes Night Watch as well as Martin Scorsese's upcoming Shutter Island and the James Cameron-helmed Battle Angel, is writing the script.