Brad Fuller Talks Friday the 13th Sequel

Like everybody else, I was amazed to see Platinum Dunes’ Friday the 13th remake hack its way to a $40 million opening weekend earlier this year. Audiences were ready for the triumphant return of Jason Voorhees, and box office receipts proved as much.

DVD Release List: June 16, 2009: Nobody Born Should Miss Friday the 13th

It's a bumper crop of DVD releases this week, but the cream is definitely the Friday the 13th blow-out and Ghostbusters on Blu-ray. Even so, there are several other interesting sounding offerings as well, so dive in and do some shopping!

Exclusive Pics from The Collector

Marcus Dunstan, co-writer of the Feast trilogy and Saw IV-VI, provided Dread with the below exclusive pics from his upcoming directorial feature debut, The Collector (formerly Midnight Man), a rather nasty and suspenseful little flick he screened for us last week.

Cold Spots: Poogan's Porch

Charleston, SC - There are people in her house. She doesn't know them, but they come in droves. They eat in her living room, cook in her kitchen, and pay her no mind at all. After such a long life of lonely solitude, the air is thick with conversation and the scent of Lowcountry spices. Of course she hasn't lived here, or anywhere, for a long time, and the house is no longer her home, but she continues to walk the floors and look out the windows, remembering a time that once was.

Event Report: Grace Screening at USC

On Friday, June 12th, USC’s School of Cinematic Arts hosted Paul Solet’s startling debut feature film Grace (review here) for a packed house. In fact, there was not an empty seat in Norris Hall, and there were even people camped out on the floor throughout the screening.

Writer Stolberg Talks Piranha and Sorority Row

Screenwriter Josh Stolberg has got to be having the best year of his life right now. One of his projects, Sorority Row, is currently is post-production and another script of his, Piranha 3D, is currently being filmed under the helm of Alex Aja in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Event Report: CryptiCon: Seattle 2009: The Butcher's Diary

Sean "The Butcher" Smithson here. Sometime scribe for these here pages at Dread Central, sometime horror host, sometime jungle explorer, sometime exorcist, even sometime astronaut. But this time I'm here reporting on what it's like to help organize events and program films for a horror convention. Or at least, what it was like for me at this particular con, CryptiCon Seattle 2009.

Canadian Horror Comedy Rising to DVD

Do you like your Canuck-produced Army of Darkness style comedies loaded with puerile sex jokes, lesbian make-out sessions, and topped off with a heaping slab of Canadian bacon by way of a hammy performance by a WWE wrestler? If so, we have good news for you: Dark Rising is coming to DVD this August.

Halloween 2 TV Spots Begin Airing

DVR's are a wonderful thing! Especially in the hands of Halloween fans who aren't afraid to use a little ingenuity. Word came down early in the weekend that TV spots for Halloween 2 had begun running, and now through the magic of bootlegging you can see them ASAP!

See Billy Zane's Aswang in New Surviving Evil Trailer

If you saw The Phantom, then you've seen Billy Zane slam evil. But can he survive it? Surviving Evil casts Zane as a TV survival host whose show taping on a remote Philippine island becomes that much more dangerous when they disturb the domain of an Aswang, a hideous ghoul of Filipino lore.

Night of the Creeps DVD / Blu-ray Details Slither Out!

Horror fans would think Hell has finally frozen over. Think about it: Lost footage from Night Breed has been found, Universal has finally decided to release Phantasm II onto DVD (in what I'm reasonably sure will be an R-rated bare-bones release, but still), and now the specs have dropped for Sony's upcoming super-stacked DVD and Blu-ray editions of Night of the Creeps! Here's the goods on what we can expect when the DVD drops on October 20th. Sixty minutes of behind-the-scenes featurettes:

9 Final One Sheet

We're all waiting patiently for September to roll around, which brings with it the release of Focus Features' animated fantasy, 9. In the meantime, we've got a look at the final one sheet and a host of promotional material that should tide you over until the Shane Acker directed fantasy goes into limited release on September 9, 2009.

The Weekly Wrap-Up: June 7-13, 2009

Most notable this week was all the back and forth about Creepy's review of the "Killer Cut" of Friday the 13th 2009 (which generated more comments than we've seen around here in quite some time).

More on the Buffy Remake - Whedon Doesn't Want to be Involved

In a rare display of common sense, it seems that the powers that be behind the upcoming Buffy the Vampire Slayer big screen remake tried extending an olive branch to creator Joss Whedon in the hopes of getting him involved in the project.

A Night of Horror Announces Call for Entries

Dust off your shorts, feature films, and music videos; the Australian horror film festival A Night of Horror has announced their call for entries!