Shankland's Day Turns to Children, First Trailer

A while back we gave you guys the first word on The Day, Tom Shankland’s follow-up to Waz (released here by Dimension Extreme as The Killing Gene). Well, in the time since that announcement was made a lot has happened with the new film, so let's catch up, shall we?

Early Art for Argento's Giallo

Though Argento recently said that the title for his next film, Giallo, will more than likely be changed at some point before its release, that hasn’t stopped this snazzy piece of sales art from finding its way online.

More Cast, Full Plot for Romero's New Dead

Though we all know Romero is prepping another zombie opus up in Canada as we speak, and some casting has been done for it in the last couple of weeks, the rest of the details have been pretty vague. A story in Variety today may clear it up a bit.

One Minute of Video Could Win $4,000 from AMC!

In these harsh economic times people are doing whatever they can for extra cash, and AMC's FearFest just made that pretty damn easy by officially opening the doors for all willing filmmakers to submit their one minute or less video on the subject of your greatest fear!

An Uninvited Trailer

If you've still got an itch for remakes of Korean movies, and who doesn't these days, then we're glad to say the trailer for The Uninvited is now online!

Xavier Gens Brings a Horde of Zombies!

We need more zombies! Not the low budget kind, but those of the French persuasion!

Free Splinter Screening this October!

Toby Wilkins' Splinter looks like one menacing monster movie. But you know what could make it even better? Seeing it for free! Fangoria just announced that they will be hosting a free screening of Splinter, sponsored by Magnolia Pictures, at NYC's Two Boots Pioneer Theater on October 24 at 11 PM!

8 Films To Kill For: Halo-ween Fest Details

As if the month of October weren't crowded enough what with all the various cons, film fests, parties, and of course our high holy day, Halloween, itself, word recently came down about an upcoming week-long run of horror and punk films called "8 Films To Kill For: Halo-ween Fest."

First Look at & New Title for Lynch's Snake Woman Movie!

In a very strange turn of events, we’ve just learned that Jennifer Lynch’s upcoming adaptation of the classic Indian tale of the Nagin, or snake woman, has officially changed its title from the relatively obvious Nagin to, believe it or not, Hisss.

Let the Right One In U.S. Trailer!

Those lucky bastards over at IGN got their hands on the official trailer for Tomas Alfredson’s Let the Right One In, which Magnet will unspool in New York and LA on October 24th as part of their Six Shooter Film Series. It’s subtitled, not dubbed, which makes me happier than it probably should.

Liebesman to Helm Battle: Los Angeles

The man who made the jump from Darkness Falls to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Jonathan Liebesman, is now prepping to make yet another leap up the Hollywood ladder with the sci-fi/action pic called Battle: Los Angeles according to THR this morning.

Hot Topic Offers Free Death Note II Tickets!

As you should already know by now, Death Note II: The Last Name (review) is being given a fairly substantial theatrical release this coming October 15th and 16th by its distributor, VIZ Pictures.

Gregory's Plague Town Premiere Set

The fiends over at Fangoria just posted a huge list of upcoming films and events going down at the Two Boots Pioneer Theater in NYC, this in addition to all the good stuff we told you about here, and one of the films making its East Coast debut is David Greg

More Shyamalan Horror in 2010?

M. Night Shyamalan appears to have no intention of moving away from our genre at all. I guess that's good news for his fans who were not bummed out by The Village, Signs, or even the big windbag known as The Happening (review).

Teasing Burrowers Poster!

I've often wondered how settlers of the American West would handle monsters, and please don't remind me of that Tremors sequel... That's why we are grateful J.T. Petty came along with his take on subterranean beasties, The Burrowers.