International Mutants One-Sheet

Over on David Morley's MySpace page he's posted the one-sheet for his latest zombie film Mutants. Take a peek inside to see the goods!

Halo-8 Acquires Ramzi Abed's In a Spiral State

Two words that are near and dear to my heart are "metaphysical" and "psychedelic", and Ramzi Abed's new film In a Spiral State promises to be both. Along with drug-addled and mindbending. Who's making such proclamations? Who else but Halo-8 Entertainment, one of the few companies around that still manages to create and distribute daring new films.

Exclusive: More From Roth on Thanksgiving

Just yesterday we told you about the looming possibility of Eli Roth's Thanksgiving becoming a feature length movie. Today we heard exclusively from Roth with a couple of more tidbits for you!

Exclusive: Teaser Poster for Animosity

Last Monday we doled out the scoop about producer-director Mark Steensland and screenwriter Rick Hautala acquiring the screen rights to James Newman’s forthcoming novel Animosity via their newly formed Chang Shao Trading Company. Today we have some teaser artwork for you!

Exclusive Clip #2: Slaughter High

You know we love you guys. So much so in fact that we decided that just one clip from the uncut version of Slaughter High (review) was not enough! We needed two! So we asked the video gods (*cough* Lionsgate *cough*) for yet another taste! This one a bit messier!

*Updated* Test Footage for Untitled Anthology

Some test footage from an untitled upcoming horror anthology was recently brought to our attention, and usually we'd like a little more to go on before reporting about it, but this was just too cool to keep to ourselves.

Trailer for The Pick Up Now Live

Just a couple of days ago we hit you off with a few exclusive stills from the upcoming short film "The Pick Up", and now we're rockin' the trailer for you guys as well!

Ju-on Game Update! More Movies Coming?

Wow, that was quick. Apparently someone out there does read Japanese. Kevin over at Nippon Cinema contacted us in the wee hours last night (not the Wii hours … oh I slay me) with news of his post explaining the details on the teaser site juongame that we English-only types didn’t pick up on.

Samurai Princess: You Had Us at Breast Grenades

The trailer for the latest gore-fest out of Japan hit online today. That's right, kids, Samurai Princess is on the way, and this chick is packin' some serious heat -- Rocket Feet! Scissor Legs! And yes, Breast Grenades! Aw yeah, mama!

I, Frankenstein Coming to the Big Screen

Death Ray Films, director Patrick Tatopoulos, and Underworld co-creator Kevin Grevioux have teamed up to develop I, Frankenstein for the big screen.

Ju-on Creator Makes A Grudge Game?

I'd read recently that Ju-on creator Takashi Shimizu was getting involved with game development, but the actual project wasn't clear. Now it appears to be a game set in The Grudge universe.

Exclusive Promo Clip: One Eyed Monster

If there's one thing we know for sure it's that whenever Ron Jeremy is around, a one-eyed monster cannot be far behind. Case in point: Adam Field's new film One Eyed Monster. We got our hands on an exclusive little promotional clip for ya, and it's quite the eyeful!

Wanna Get Laid ... To Rest?

In case you couldn't tell, we're pretty excited about Robert Hall's Laid to Rest. With the DVD hitting stores on April 21st, it's time to give you guys the skinny in the form of two reviews!

LA Weekend of Horrors: Choice Cuts

Earlier this week we pointed you in the direction of the Fearsome Fango Film Show Line-Up for the upcoming Los Angeles Weekend of Horrors running April 17-19, 2009. Now that the full event schedule is live, we thought we'd point out a few "choice cuts" (i.e., those panels that we here at Dread Central are either moderating, participating in, or just generally think you shouldn't miss).

A Bloody Video That Will Save Your Life!

Rarely am I at a loss for words, but this? You HAVE to see this video. It's like Faces of Death meets on the job training. Don't know who made it or where it is from, but here at Dread Central we care about you. You're well-being is our number one concern! It's our responsibility to share this!