More Behind-the-Scenes Piranha Carnage

Some more paparazzi photos from the set of Aja's Piranha remake which is now filming in Lake Havasu City, AZ, hit online showing off a bit more bloodshed and fishy hinjinx! Dig it!

UPDATE: Last House on the Left Blu-ray / DVD Details

Details about the August 18th home video release of the Last House on the Left remake emerged today fresh out of the microwave!

Non-bootleg Halloween 2 TV Spot

A non-bootlegged version of the TV spot for Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 hit the net today courtesy of Dimension Films in all of its car flipping glory!

A Perfect Getaway: Canadian Style

While we wait for the official US poster for David Twohy's A Perfect Getaway, here's a look at the Canadian version. Considering the film opens August 14th, it probably won't be long before we see what they come up with for those of us in the States.

Motion Picture Purgatory: The Animal

Time for another trip with Trembles. This week we head back to the 1968 "roughie" The Animal.

Natalie Portman and Her Black Swan

There's something dirty sounding about the above headline, no? Sometimes I love my job! Following along in the footsteps of Suspiria and C Me Dance comes another supernatural thriller set within the chilling world of ballet!

Will an E.R. Battle an E.T. on TNT?

Looks like ABC's revamped "V" may not be the only new alien invasion series of the new fall season. Steven Spielberg is producing one for TNT, and he may be eyeballing a former "E.R." doc as the leader of mankind's resistance.

World War Z Adaptation to be Delayed

For a while, it looked like the World War Z (review here) adaptation was ready to roll under the watchful eye of Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster. But today we’re getting word that while things are still a go, it’s going to take a little more time than initially expected to bring Max Brooks' zombie apocalypse to the big screen.

Joe Lynch's Body Count Continues

Horror-meister and director Joe Lynch has just completed work on the second episode of his Body Count feature on G4's "Attack of the Show", and of course we've got a look at it for ya!

Halloween 2 Website Revamps

Eager fans looking to get their online fix of Halloween 2 horrors, rejoice! The film's official website has just been revamped with all manner of goods including a photo gallery, a video section, cast and crew info, and a bunch of downloads!

On-Set Pic of Gemma Arterton from Clash of the Titans

It's not much, but as a nice counterpoint to the action shots of Sam Worthington as Perseus that popped up online recently, we now present Gemma Arterton as the priestess Io in Louis Leterrier's Clash of the Titans redux.

Machete Begins Shooting Soon

Those of you lucky enough to have seen Grindhouse during its theatrical run can attest that the faux trailers were arguably the best part of the whole experience. And while we’re still waiting for the Weinstein Company to do the right thing and offer fans The Complete Grindhouse Experience on DVD and Blu-ray, Robert Rodriguez isn’t waiting any longer to turn his trailer for Machete into a feature length film!

The Buz: W1nt3r J4$@N

At some point in the year 2010, it will be winter. And even mass murderers need to suit up for such an occasion, as well as keep their pot neat and clean from those pesky snowflakes.

Kelly to Offer a Peek in The Box at Comic-Con

Starting to pencil in your schedule for this year's San Diego Comic-Con? Make sure you keep a spot open on Friday, July 24, so that you can get a look at long-awaited The Box from director Richard Kelly.

Set Visit: Orgy of Blood: First Images!

You know what's fun? Orgies. You know what is also cool? Blood. So you can imagine my excitement when I was invited out to the set for Creep Creepersin's new flick Orgy of Blood.