Most Badass Images of Myers Yet

We've seen a lot of them, but these next two are by far the ones that kicks the most ass. And where are they from, you ask? One's on the cover of the new issue of Fangoria, and the other comes to us as per usual from Zombie's MySpace page, that's where!

E3: LeChuck Lives

Sometimes we cover stuff on this site that leaves me scratching my head. We had a review of the new Terminator movie? I guess I can sort of understand that. Which brings me to Monkey Island.

The Final Destination Trailer This Friday

So the big question remains ... will Death's latest design still come out to go head-up with Rob Zombie's unstoppable sequel machine on August 28th? And if it does, will it survive at the box office? I guess that will depend on how good it looks!

Cruise into Twilight

Do you realize it has now been a full 24 hours since we've had a new article related to Twilight? I know all you hardcore Twilight fans need your Twilight fix. Perhaps you should all get together on a boat, take a trip up to Alaska, and along the way visit the actual Forks, Washington: the quaint little perpetually overcast town that Edward and Bella call home.

Lonely Joe Gets a New Trailer

We love us some Erica Leerhsen around these parts, and the trailer for her latest indie film Lonely Joe has us all smiles. You know, the type of smile that you get when you haven't eaten in like two days and someone hands you a steak dinner. Ok, getting creepy here. In any event get ready to take a look at things to come!

Lorna Raver Talks Drag Me to Hell

Actress Lorna Raver never thought moving to LA was in the cards for her. After all, she had been enjoying a satisfying career playing theatres in both New York and Chicago. However, she took a chance with a friend when they decided to head West, and suddenly Raver found her career zooming right past live performances and into the world of being a character actress on television.

Moon Rises Over NY and LA

Duncan Jones’ Moon has garnered quite the buzz, and we’re getting closer to its limited release in New York and Los Angeles on June 12th.

Dark Horse Brings Us the Green River Killer

True crime buffs take note: Dark Horse Comics is embarking on an ambitious project to chronicle the killing spree of Gary Leon Ridgway, aka The Green River Killer. The project, titled Green River Killer – A Detective Story, is to be authored by Jeff Jensen, whose father led the twenty-plus-year investigation for the killer responsible for forty-eight possible murders.

Join the World's Biggest Zombie Walk

If you live in or around the London, England, area, then you have a chance to participate in the world’s biggest zombie walk, which is being filmed during The Big Chill music festival for Chris Boyle's mockumentary I Spit on Your Rave.

E3: New Dead Space: Extraction Trailer

A new trailer for EA Games' exclusive to the Nintendo Wii entry in the Dead Space franchise, Dead Space: Extraction, has come roaring online with all manner of interstellar horrors waiting to be discovered!

Bloody Myers in Hi-Res Glory

We care about you guys deeply. We even care about your PC wallpaper. So in the spirit of badass background images, we now bring you a super hi-res look at a battered and bloodied Michael Myers from the upcoming sequel Halloween 2.

Danneel Harris Is the Latest Roommate

Screen Gems' The Roommate just got a lot better looking with the addition of Danneel Harris of "One Tree Hill" to the cast as an old friend of star Minka Kelly.

Happy Birthday To Me Remake To Be 3D

Well, kids, it looks like we have yet another flick to add to the remake pile and, as is occurring more and more these days, it's gonna be in *surprise* 3D!

Elm Street On-Set Report from Gary, Indiana

Michael Puente from Chicago-based Public Radio station KBEZ reported in from the Gary, Indiana, set of the Nightmare on Elm Street reboot, and it looks like the project has generated mixed feelings among the townsfolk.

New Prototype Trailer

A new trailer for Activision's Prototype hit online today showcasing the Flight of the Hammerfist! What's that, you ask? Just a bit more badassery to dazzle your mind with!