The Cell 2 Trailer

The trailer for direct-to-DVD sequel The Cell 2 recently showed up online, and it looks exactly as you'd think it would considering no one was exactly clamoring for it and it pretty much came out of nowhere.

Feed Your Frankenstein

Well, it's Saturday. You've got nothin' to do. Why not take in a bit of horror culture? I refer of course to the first-ever film version of Mary Shelley's timeless tale Frankenstein.

First Pontypool Sequel News

If you haven't seen or heard about the claustrophobic zombie thriller Pontypool (review), then you really need to start paying attention. The film kicks a lot of ass, and finally news on the second movie in this proposed trilogy has come to light.

Trailer and Poster for Case 39

Work never stops around here, but that's ok. We have to make sure you bloodthirsty bastards are constantly in the know. The trailer and poster for the Renee Zellweger, Ian McShane spooker Case 39 popped up online today, and as always we have a look for ya!

Third S. Darko Viral Video Uncovered

The third and final piece of the viral video promotional puzzle for S. Darko showed up online recently, and of course we've got you covered!

Verbinski's BioShock Stalled Over Budget Concerns

If any director working today seemed capable of tackling the film adaptation of video game BioShock, it was Gore Verbinski. Who better to bring the underwater city of Rapture to the big screen? Well, unfortunately Universal Pictures has stopped his efforts due to the rapidly rising budget, which has reportedly reached the $160 million level.

The Weekly Wrap-Up: April 19-25, 2009

Without a doubt the biggest story of the week of April 19-25, 2009, was the debut of the trailer for Rob Zombie's H2 -- just take a look at the number of comments it's gotten. Passions run high when a filmmaker tampers with a much beloved horror icon and the formula that made him so popular in the first place.

New Stills: Lars Von Trier's Antichrist

Several new stills hit the web today for Lars von Trier's Antichrist, and we have them here for ya along with a glass of wine and a fine box of Eucharists!

*UPDATE* Halloween 2 Trailer is now LIVE!

The wait is over! The official trailer for Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 has arrived online in its non-bootlegged format so you can soak up every strange second of it, and while you're at it check out a new still of Battle Damaged Myers™!

The Horrors of Cannes 2009

The official lineup for the 2009 Cannes Film Festival has been announced, and we were pleased to see more than a few horror/thriller filmmakers mixed in with the likes of Quentin Tarantino, Alejandro Amenabar, Jane Campion, and Ang Lee. Who made the final cut?

Scoop on the 100 Feet DVD

We've all been pretty excited to see Eric Red's tale of ghostly revenge 100 Feet, and now we can finally tell you how to do it and what to expect.

More Nightmare on Elm Street Casting News

Some more casting news has broken for Samuel Bayer's remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street starring the previously announced Jackie Earle Haley (Freddy) and Rooney Mara (Nancy). So who's the next bit of meat for the finger-knived beast?

Script Ready for 30 Days of Night Sequel

Reaction to the live action version of the Steve Niles graphic novel was for the most part positive, and you know what that means -- sequel time! It may even be happening sooner than you think!

Robert Rodriguez to Swing Machete in June

Good news for those of us out there who thought the mock trailers included with Planet Terror and Death Proof were some of the best parts of the experience! The soon-to-be Danny Trejo classic Machete could begin filming as early as June.

More Black Devil Doll Screenings

The ever so controversial new film Black Devil Doll (review) is beginning to make its rounds around the country! Next up -- Washington, Oregon, and Arizona!