Motion Picture Purgatory: Obsessed

We elected to pass on reviewing Obsessed here at Dread Central; its Fatal Attraction theme just seemed too "been there/done that." But now, thanks to Trembles, you have a chance to see if we were right in our assessment.

Dread Virals, Stills, and Screening Invite

Ok, kids! Playing a little catch-up here. For around a week now some virals and stills have been going around pertaining to Clive Barker's Dread. We were a little lax on our end, so here they are for you -- the virals, the stills, and even an invite to see the movie for free!

Evan Rachel Wood Joins True Blood Cast

More good news for the "True Blood" faithful ... in Season Two you'll be sinking your teeth into one hot vampire queen!

The Tenant Trailer Moves In

It was way back in July of 2008 that we first told you about the latest indie horror film from first time feature director Ric La Monte, The Tenant starring Michael Berryman, J. LaRose, Bill Cobbs and Randy Molnar and now we finally have a trailer to get excited about.

Episode 1 of True Blood Blu-ray Available On Demand

The new ways companies are coming up with to market their products are becoming increasingly more innovative and creative every day. Leave it to HBO to find a novel approach to introducing some of the features included in its True Blood: The Complete First Season Blu-ray package.

L, Change the World: Watch First 10 Minutes & Win Tickets

Still on the fence as to whether or not you want to attend the two-night only theatrical event for Death Note: L, Change the World? Well, how about if you can watch the first 10 minutes and then snag a pair of tickets for Wednesday, April 29th's subtitled screening?

Audrey's Door Open for Dimension

Dimension Films keeps its horror momentum going by picking up the film rights for Sarah Langan's forthcoming novel Audrey's Door.

Spooky Second Trailer: Von Trier's Antichrist

If you thought the original trailer for Lars von Trier's Antichrist was nuts, brother, you haven't seen anything!

Exclusive: Adam Green Talks Frozen! Exclusive Images!

Adam Green is no stranger to filming under some of the most horrendous conditions possible, and with his new feature Frozen he put himself, his actors, and his crew to the test. Recently we caught up with Adam in between the nine billion things he has going on to get the skinny on his upcoming film.

Hisss Trailer Looks Bad-Asss!

Sadly, I missed the panel for Hisss at the recent LA Weekend of Horrors, but the online posting of its trailer today made my disappointment disappear instantly. With some awesome looking effects by FX wizard Robert Kurtzman, this could be the monster movie we've all been waiting for!

CBS Casts Away Harper's Island to Saturday

It may not have won over a lot of Dread Central readers' hearts, but "Harper's Island" isn't doing so poorly that it's being canceled. However, CBS is moving the show to Saturday night ... not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Early Unborn DVD and Blu-ray Art

Early artwork for David Goyer's The Unborn surfaced today along with some scant details on what to expect. Curious? DVD Active scored the first look, and it seems as if both the DVD and the Blu-ray will be home to two versions of the film -- theatrical and unrated. Not much else is known, but I'm sure we will find out the skinny soon enough!

Jaume Collet-Serra Talks Orphan, Why He Still Loves House of Wax

Director Jaume Collet-Serra made his directorial debut in 2005 with the remake of the genre classic House of Wax. Now he’s back with a new project, Orphan, which he hopes will give horror fans a taste of what he finds truly terrifying: exploring the dark side of human nature.

Sixth Teaser Poster for The Graves

Teaser poster number six surfaced today for Brian Pulido's The Graves, and just like the others that came before it, we have a look at it for ya!

Yamagata Scream Trailer Is a Real Scream

For everyone who's on bummed-out overload from all the crap-tastic remake news we've been dishing out lately, here's a little reprieve.