Pandorum Delayed a Bit

The latest sci-fi/horror hybrid Pandorum hit a bit of a snag in terms of its release date today, but thankfully we only have to wait a couple of extra weeks for our long-needed slice of interstellar spookiness.

Adrianne Palicki to Guest Star on Supernatural

Season 4 of "Supernatural" ended with a doozy of a cliffhanger, and the September 10th premiere of its fifth (and final?) season can't come soon enough for me. So the news that Adrianne Palicki is returning for a guest spot as Sam's unlucky girl friend Jessica is like icing on the cake.

More Serial Killers Coming to Your House

I've got a wacky idea. Indie horror filmmakers Ulli Lommel and Michael Feifer should have a fight, and only the winner is allowed to make any more movies based on the exploits of real-life serial killers. I'd be cheering for Feifer, if only because he at least attempts to make actual movies.

Syfy's Summer of Schlock

The Sci-Fi Channel's name change to Syfy makes me think of a scene from the classic miniseries "Roots". The evil white man wanted to change Kunta Kinte's name to Toby. They whipped him until he said it. Afterwards, a fellow African told him they can call him whatever they want; he knows his true name is Kunta Kinte. Bonnie Hammer can use that bullwhip on me all she wants; I know that Syfy will always be Sci-Fi, and not just because the words are pronounced exactly the same.

Nimrod Antal Leading the Predators Pack?

There’s been lots of Internet buzz surrounding the upcoming Robert Rodriguez-produced Predators. Story details, casting rumors, and of course, the recent director lottery have been featured on websites everywhere for the past few weeks so what’s another day without more on the latest franchise restart?

Motion Picture Purgatory: Strange Shadows in an Empty Room

Trembles makes it personal this week with Strange Shadows in an Empty Room, a 1976 film that was shot in and around the area where he lives.

Paintball Clip Now Live

A new clip from Daniel Benmayor's Paintball landed online today with a fine splat, and of course we have it for you guys hot and gooey!

Dead Snow - New UK Trailer

A new trailer for Tommy Wirkola's slice of Nazi Zombie mayhem, Dead Snow, surfaced today, this time for the film's UK release. It just looks so damned good!

Deadgirl One-Sheet and Theatrical Dates

Starting on July 24th, Dark Sky Films will be hosting special midnight screenings of Deadgirl, the coming of age horror film that made a lot of noise on the festival circuit. Wanna know where you can see it? We thought you would!

Universal's Go Mutants! Brings Back Some Monstrous Faces

It's about time Universal started dipping into their overflowing classic monster pool to bring us some entertainment! That's just what they're set to do with their upcoming live-action adaptation of the Larry Doyle novel Go Mutants! Our only gripe? Instead of straight horror we're getting more light-hearted fare. Yay.

Fox 2000 Gets Frank

Another retooling of a classic is headed our way courtesy of Fox 2000 as the studio announced tonight that a new take on the tale of Frankenstein is headed our way! This one with a foothold in the *gulp* romantic-comedy arena.

Lake Mungo Remake on the Way

That's right, kids! Before the original film makes its way Stateside, Paramount Vantage is already planning a remake of the Australian horror suspense film Lake Mungo.

Johnny Depp Talks Dark Shadows

Johnny Depp has done his part to ease the minds of "Dark Shadows" fans everywhere by confirming that Tim Burton's big screen adaptation of the long-running show is still very much on track.

Beastly Widget Transforms

Wanna watch Alex Pettyfer transform from man to Beastly before the film hits theatres on theaters July 30, 2010? Now by the power of the almighty tool known as the sharable widget you can!

Box of Shadows Begins Shooting in LA

College kids just never learn. They're always messing around where they shouldn't and wind up getting themselves and their friends killed. The students in the upcoming Box of Shadows seem destined for the same fate.