Under the Mountain One-Sheet Surfaces Over the Net

Jonathan King, director of the splattery good gore-fest Black Sheep (review here), has a new flick coming out soon called Under the Mountain that unfortunately has been given a pretty lame poster. Still, given how crazed his last film was, we're willing to give King the benefit of the doubt and not let the artwork that appears to have escaped from a certain other Mountain dissuade us!

Rumor - Grindhouse: The Complete Experience Coming to Blu-ray

Those of you still waiting for the Grindhouse films Planet Terror and Death Proof to hit DVD in a complete theatrical package (with the faux trailers!) might just have a reason to rejoice.

Oldboy Remake Proceeding Despite Legal Confusion

It's been several months since any news has trickled out regarding the planned remake of Oldboy which is in the hands of director Steven Spielberg and actor Will Smith, and now we know why. It's the subject of a complex, behind-the-scenes rights wrangle involving the Japanese publishers of the original manga and the Korean producers of Park Chan-Wook's 2003 cult hit.

Capture Ghosts on Your Phone and Nintendo DSI

I'm one of many iPhone addicts. I love the damned thing. It never leaves my side. Sometimes I forget it's a phone too. People who love the Blackberry and all the other similar devices out there feel the same way. The main reason why is that these portables do all sorts of cool shit, and things are about to get a lot cooler for people who use their phones for more than just communication.

Augmented Reality Brings Zombies to Life

Here at Dread Central we love two things in particular: video games and zombies (titties and booze was a close second). When you combine those two things, magic can happen (if you can combine all four, then we're really talking)! Still, I don't think we've ever seen anything as magical as what we're about to show you!

Exclusive DVD Clip from The Betrayed

What's worse than waking up alone in a darkened room and realizing that you've been kidnapped by a psycho and the lives of your family are at stake? Well ... not much really, but on June 30th we'll find out just how bad things can get as MGM Home Entertainment releases The Betrayed onto DVD!

UPDATE: Carriers One-Sheet Infects the Web

Paramount Vantage has been sitting on its epidemic themed thriller Carriers for somewhere in the neighborhood of about four years. Now the flick is showing signs of seeing the light of day, starting with a new one-sheet!

Werewolf: The Series Delayed

A little sliver of bad news for fans of "Werewolf". We won't be seeing it in stores as planned on September 1st from Shout Factory! Don't get too broken up though; the delay is not a long one.

DVD Art for The Hills Run Red

A note from Dread Central reader Joey M sent us over to Ludovico Technique's website, where we found the DVD cover art for Dave Parker's upcoming The Hills Run Red.

Paramount Gets Burg & Bradley Hellified

Despite fears that the spec script market is drying up, Paramount has acquired rights to Andy Burg's Hellified and attached Dan Bradley to direct it. Lorenzo di Bonaventura will produce.

Jigsaw Returns for SAW: Halloween Horror Nights this October

Ever wish you could be in a Saw movie? Me either. Between the convoluted storylines and the fact that nobody sticks around very long, I think it's best to steer clear of that wacky Jigsaw and his uncanny ability to remain twenty steps ahead of his hapless victims. But if you're really ready for more Saw, then Universal's Halloween Horror Nights have got you covered!

Daybreakers Trailer Debuts Online

Just the other day the first teaser poster was revealed for Daybreakers, and now hot on its heels we have the official trailer.

It’s Alive Remake on DVD in August

Given we live in an age where darn near every horror movie hitting theaters is either a remake or a sequel, it’s kind of surprising to hear that a remake is bypassing theaters and going straight to DVD. Such is the case of the remake of Larry Cohen’s killer baby opus It’s Alive.

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson

In some really startling news, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has died today at the all too young age of 50 due to what appears to be cardiac arrest.

The House of the Devil Gets New Digs

One film we've been excited about forever here at Dread Central is Ti West's The House of the Devil, and with good reason -- it looks friggin' killer! Even better, Magnet announced today that they acquired the distribution rights so we can finally see the damned thing!