Fulci's New York Ripper Goes Blu

There's always been a debate -- Fulci or Argento? Speaking for myself, I see it like Burger King or McDonald's, Fulci being Mickey-D's because you know you're getting trash, while Argento, The King, tries to dress things up by making you think you're getting something that looks better than it actually is.

New One-Sheet for Doghouse

Another bit of new artwork surfaced today for Jake West's latest film Doghouse, which hits UK cinemas on June 12th. Get ready to dig on all its sexiness!

Lionsgate - The Last Resort

If I were America Olivo, I'd just stay in the city where it's safe. You may remember her from the Friday the 13th relaunch as the woman in the pre-title sequence who showed us her ample bosom and then got roasted alive in a sleeping bag. Now she's off to a tropical paradise that for her and others may very well prove to be The Last Resort.

Wild Man of the Navidad DVD News

Yesterday we told you about MPI Media Group distributing IFC's DVD releases. Filmmaker Duane Graves has since sent me details about the August DVD release of his The Wild Man of the Navidad, "a Southern fried creature feature with a slasher movie twist." They really ought to put that line on the cover.

Friday the 13th Reissue Review Blow-Out!

Paramount Home Entertainment has dropped another batch of deluxe edition DVDs and Blu-rays on so as per usual the question beckons -- Is it worth our bucks to double-dip or, in several cases, triple-dip? We've got the answers you're looking for!

Loads of Behind-the-Scenes Stills from The Canyon

Yvonne Strahovski, one of the stars of the NBC series "Chuck", has gone through a lot of stuff on the show, but all of that is nothing in comparison to the trials and tribulations that she follows in the new indie thriller The Canyon!

Repo! The Genetic Madness Dissected

Usually when you talk about a David and Goliath story in Hollywood, it’s about a small independent movie getting its big break or an up-and-coming director getting hired for a huge project.

Dinner for Fiends: Drag Me to Salvation

Well, it's been a while, but just like uncorking a fine wine, we cannot do an episode of Dinner for Fiends unless it's time. Holy shit, was it time!

Event Report: Monsterpalooza, Burbank CA

The date is the 31st of May, 2009. Let me just say this first and foremost; I go to a shit ton of conventions. Shit ton as in a whole lot of conventions. And believe it or not, I've never done a write-up on any of them. I've filmed plenty of videos at conventions and talked about them on podcasts and what have you, but never written an article about one.

Grace Red Band Trailer and Screening Reminder

Wanna see filmmaker Paul Solet’s Grace with cast and crew? Then you are in luck, as the USC School of Cinematic Arts and Anchor Bay Entertainment are hosting a special screening of the flick Friday, June 12th at 7:30 pm at the University of Southern California (900 W. 34th Street, Norris Cinema Theatre/Frank Sinatra Hall).

Better Look at Messengers 2 DVD Art

Sony Pictures Home entertainment released a very good look at the cover art for their release of The Messengers 2: The Scarecrow on DVD July 21st, and we've got the skinny for ya!

Exclusive: Meet the Seamstress from 9

Throughout the summer we'll be teaming up with Focus Features and their upcoming film 9 from director Shane Acker to provide exclusive imagery to the readers of Dread Central. First up: The Seamstress, one of the most advanced, subversive, and terrifying beasts in 9.

Dakota Fanning in Character for New Moon

Say you want about the upcoming Twilight sequel, New Moon; it has some serious star power. Much more so than its predecessor considering names like Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning are attached.

A New Trailer and Full Synopses for Two New Ju-on Films

The Ju-on series is one that just refuses to die. We previously had a look at the combo trailer for the two new entries in the franchise, Ju-on: Shiroi rôjo and Ju-on: Kuroi shôjo, and now a new version has hit the Net.

MPI Media to Distribute Future IFC Films

What with all the independent horror films IFC has been snapping up the rights to lately, they are quickly becoming one of the genre's best friends.