E1 Bringing Elsewhere and Hunger Home in June

Two new bits of horror goodness are heading home on June 2nd from E1 Entertainment, and we've got a look at both of them for ya!

McFarlane Talks Spawn Reboot

I still remember leaving the theatre after watching the Spawn movie. My head was killing me. All that CGI. All those loud effects. The cartoonish looking battles. The missed opportunities. The only thing right with it was surprisingly enough John Leguizamo's portrayal of Clowny. What could a sequel or a remake hold for us spurned fans?

David Slade has Cold Skin

Yep. It's a little known fact. When you touch this guy, you'd think he was dead. Even in the hottest of weather he manages to st ... Huh? Oh, you mean his next movie. Gotcha! Yep, right after tacking Twilight: Eclipse, Slade will be sinking his teeth right back into the horror genre.

More Nazi Zombies on the Way in COD:WaW

Shooting the undead never gets old. Shooting them in a World War II setting has proved to be even more fun! Get set, soldiers, Activision is readying Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 2 featuring “Shi No Numa” The Zombie Swamp for deployment!

New Stills from The Pack

A little French flavor has been going a long way in terms of horror nowadays. Case in point, Franck Richard's new film The Pack. Some fresh stills surfaced today over on Twitch, and things seem to be shaping up in a pretty badass way.

Nun of That Stills and Screening

Regular Dread Central readers know how deathly afraid of nuns our Uncle Creepy is so I thought I'd shield him from his fears and do this write-up for him. If nun nudity, nun profanity, and most of all, nun violence are your things, then you'll definitely want to keep reading!

IFC Peddling Corpses with I Sell the Dead

IFC Films has seriously beefed up its horror canon, and with the addition of Slamdance award winner I Sell the Dead, 2009 is looking delightfully dark for them!

Hansel and Gretel - Witch Hunters?

Tommy Wirkola is done with Nazi-zombies. At least for the time being. Even though his last movie, Dead Snow (review), was a hit with most fans, the young filmmaker has decided to go for a less absurd subject for his next film - Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters!

Hold the Phone! Another Asian Remake?

Just when you thought it was safe to enjoy Asian horror again, yet another import is being Americanized -- Ahn Byeong-ki's competent little spooker Phone (review). Will it ever end?

Pig Hunt Screening and New Trailer

A new trailer for Jim Isaac's latest film Pig Hunt just came our way, and it looks as if it kicks all sorts of ass. Yes, we have a fairly negative Pig Hunt review here on the site, but from what I'm hearing lately from others, it could be way off!

Primal Heads to Cannes '09: New Trailer

Josh Reed's Primal is another film headed to Cannes '09 to seek distribution, and to help build some buzz, a brand-new trailer hit the Net for it today!

Ghostbusters Blu-Ray Trailer

June 16th CANNOT get here soon enough! That's the day Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will finally unleash the classic film Ghostbusters on Blu-ray! Want a peek at what to expect? How about a trailer showcasing the goods? Excited? Thought so! Dig it!

Crazies Twitter Tease

Are you following The Crazies on Twitter yet? Well you should be because they've been talking quite a bit about the shoot, but today they let a picture do their talking for them!

Exclusive: Kevin Grevioux Talks I, Frankenstein

Kevin Grevioux is a name whom most Underworld fans will be instantly acquainted with. The big man had a hand in writing the original film as well as playing the role of recurring character Raze the Lycan.

Syfy Gets Barker's Book of Blood

We gave you an update in early March that Book of Blood was headed to TV, but at that time no one knew any of the particulars. Today some of the pieces fell into place.