Hisss Trailer Looks Bad-Asss!

Sadly, I missed the panel for Hisss at the recent LA Weekend of Horrors, but the online posting of its trailer today made my disappointment disappear instantly. With some awesome looking effects by FX wizard Robert Kurtzman, this could be the monster movie we've all been waiting for!

CBS Casts Away Harper's Island to Saturday

It may not have won over a lot of Dread Central readers' hearts, but "Harper's Island" isn't doing so poorly that it's being canceled. However, CBS is moving the show to Saturday night ... not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Early Unborn DVD and Blu-ray Art

Early artwork for David Goyer's The Unborn surfaced today along with some scant details on what to expect. Curious? DVD Active scored the first look, and it seems as if both the DVD and the Blu-ray will be home to two versions of the film -- theatrical and unrated. Not much else is known, but I'm sure we will find out the skinny soon enough!

Jaume Collet-Serra Talks Orphan, Why He Still Loves House of Wax

Director Jaume Collet-Serra made his directorial debut in 2005 with the remake of the genre classic House of Wax. Now he’s back with a new project, Orphan, which he hopes will give horror fans a taste of what he finds truly terrifying: exploring the dark side of human nature.

Sixth Teaser Poster for The Graves

Teaser poster number six surfaced today for Brian Pulido's The Graves, and just like the others that came before it, we have a look at it for ya!

Yamagata Scream Trailer Is a Real Scream

For everyone who's on bummed-out overload from all the crap-tastic remake news we've been dishing out lately, here's a little reprieve.

Zombie Marriage Counseling

Having played a zombie for Romero, I've come to really get to know the trials and tribulations of the undead lifestyle in the most intimate of ways. It's not easy and every now and again ... we need a little help!

Megan Fox Takes It Off for Jonah Hex

Remember that picture of Megan Fox from the set of Jonah Hex when she was wearing a bathrobe? You know you all wanted a peek under it! Well, wonder no more! Fox has lost the robe and ... we're kind of fretting for her health!

DVD Releases: April 28, 2009: Martyrs, Monsters, She-Beasts, and Sluts - Oh My!

If ever there was a week that offered a little something for everyone, this is it! From a giallo to Albert Fish to gorgeous French torture to psychos, sluts, and a she-beast, the week of April 28th has it all. Throw in Ron Jeremy's cock on a rampage, and really, what more could you ask for?

Lionsgate Signs For Season of the Witch

No ... calm down. Breathe. Lionsgate is NOT remaking Halloween III: Season of the Witch. We'll always have the bastard of the Halloween franchise with its cool-ass deaths and manic theme song to ourselves. We're talking about an all new property here, folks, one that's free from showing us Tom Atkins' bare ass!

Ellis To Bring Us Humpty Dumpty

The new Final Destination isn't even in theatres yet, and already there's talk of David R. Ellis' next feature, this time an in-name-only horrific new take on a really old nursery rhyme.

Sorority Row Sisters Promise Pretty Sweet Deaths

Been avoiding thinking about the upcoming remake of 1983 slasher The House on Sorority Row known as simply Sorority Row? If so, you may want to put it on your maybe it won't be so bad after all list ... if its three female co-stars can be believed.

Freddy's Going Back To School in Chicago

Chicago is known for many things ... The Cubs, The Bulls, and El Famous Burrito: Home of the Football-sized Burrito. Well, okay that last one is only famous to me -- I had no idea what to do with that huge damned thing! Come May 5th the Windy City will have two more claims to fame when Platinum Dunes begins production there of Sam Bayer's remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Hard-Boiled Horror Tales: The Hit Got Hairy Part I

Ready for some two-fisted horror tales? Then your wait is over! Doug Slack's Hard-Boiled Horror Tales is Dread Central's new online horror anthology serial that combines monsters with old school gangster pulps. The feature will be running right here three days a week with new installments every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Let the madness begin!

Site, Stills, and Art for Zombie Ed

Yet another zombedy is in production and coming our way from overseas -- an indie flesh-feast called Zombie Ed directed by Ren Blood! The official site for the film recently went live, and it's home to lots of behind-the-scenes shenanigans. Dig it! Official Synopsis