The Collector Gets a Release Date

Filmmaker Marcus Dunstan, who last week gave Dread Central a peek at his directorial debut The Collector, tipped us off this afternoon to the film’s acquisition by Liddell Entertainment, who will give the flick a wide theatrical release through Freestyle Releasing (the latter responsible for presenting The Haunting of Molly Hartley) on July 31, 2009.

New Images from Sorority Row

A couple of new images from Stewart Hendler's Sorority Row remake popped up online today that will surely entice anyone with a fetish for hot chicks wielding sharpened objects.

Friday the 13th - The Thrill of the Kill

With its release of the "Killer Cut" of Friday the 13th (2009) this week, Warner Brothers also provided to Dread Central a special behind-the-scenes feature including clips and cast interviews.

Whiteout Teaser Looking to Chill You to the Bone

After what seems like forever, a promotional teaser has arrived online for Dominic Sena's live-action adaptation of the Greg Rucka graphic novel Whiteout!

Final Official Pop Skull Trailer

There are few studios that embrace offbeat and non-mainstream film projects like Halo-8 does. Case in point: Pop Skull, a manic, twisted, drug-infused, and award-winning psychological horror film directed and co-written by Adam Wingard.

American Thirst One-Sheet Also Lacks Bite

Taking a page out of Korea's book, Focus Features released the official domestic one-sheet for Park Chan-wook's vampire opus Thirst, which like the Korean poster is void of most of the original poster's naughty bits!

Halloween 2: Brackett Sends out an SOS

Another image from one of the most talked about (both good and bad) sequels in recent memory, Rob Zombie's Halloween 2, surfaced online today, this time of Brad Douriff as Sheriff Brackett calling for some back-up! Since Myers can now flip cars, we think he's gonna need it!

Trailer for The Stepfather Remake Doles out the Discipline

As promised the trailer for Nelson (Prom Night) McCormick's remake of The Stepfather has hit online today and we've got a look at it for you crazy step-kids!

Trick 'r Treat Preview Now Online

As an added bonus on the Friday the 13th remake's Blu-ray, users who have their players hooked up to the Net can watch a nine-minute preview of Mike Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat. Now thanks to some enterprising bootleggers and the magic of YouTube the rest of you can check it out too!

Ti West to Direct Haunting Follow-Up

It seems as if ghosts are once again riding high on Hollyweird's agenda because the haunting news just keeps on coming! We're gonna need an old priest and a young priest -- STAT!

Tyler Mane to Walk Down Penance Lane

Wondering what's gonna be next for Mane after Michael does his thing this August? He's heading down to indie town, to explore a little known place called Penance Lane.

Summit Ready for Some Conjuring

In the last several decades films based upon real life hauntings have done a lot to both capture the imagination and scare the hell out of movie-going audiences! In fact everyone seems to be scrambling to find the next fact-based shocker to tingle the old spine, most recently Summit Entertainment.

Next Up for a Reboot: The Bride!

Well, here's something we all should have seen coming: Universal and Imagine are getting ready to reinvent The Bride of Frankenstein. And they're in talks with Neil (The Illusionist) Burger to direct and co-write the script with Dirk Wittenborn.

It's a New Moon for Jackson Rathbone

I know how much the Dread Central community loves their Twilight news, which is why I'm proud to deliver the latest straight from the mouth of actor Jackson Rathbone, better known as Jasper Cullen in both Twilight (review here) and its upcoming sequel, New Moon.

Eliza Dushku Dishes on Valediction

So last week the first tiny tidbits of news broke surrounding the Eliza Dushku thriller Valediction. Not a whole hell of a lot was known about the feature then, but oh what a difference a week can make!