Take a Hit Off The Bong of the Dead!

Yeah, man! Now this is what we're talking about! Cannabis and Cannibals together in one movie! Bless you director Thomas Newman! Bless you!

First Look at BioShock 2 Gameplay

One of the best horror games of the last five years is without question BioShock. What with all the acclaim the game has garnered, a sequel seems like a no-brainer. Well it's coming and it looks pretty friggin' sweet!

Strange Video for You to Peruse

Here are Dread Central we get lots of crazy stuff in our in-boxes. Every day is like Christmas only instead of getting gifts we are propositioned for sex, offered riches from a Nigerian king, and told about upcoming horror movies. Sometimes we even get the occasional strange video for us to share with you guys.

The Acker-Quiz #2

Joe Moe's back with another Acker-Quiz for all of Forry's little Nieces and Nephews out there. The prize at stake this time? You can win yourself a copy of the Official Profiles in History Forrest J Ackerman Auction Catalog!

Exclusive: New Stills From The Pick Up

Fever Dreams' Flesh for the Beast is a bit of a guilty pleasure here around the Dread Central offices. While it broke no new ground, it did tread the old in a very serviceable way. Turns out there's a prequel to the sequel Flesh for the Beast II in the works that is coming in the form of a short film called "The Pick Up", and we've scored you some hot little stills along with the artwork!

Gorezone Weekend of Horror Announced

The guys and ghouls who staff Dread Central are all located in the US, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have lots of love for our brethren in grue over on the other side of the pond.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?

Abraham Lincoln has been called a lot of things -- Honest Abe, the Rail Splitter, and the Great Emancipator -- but Vampire Hunter? That's a new one for me.

Lost Zombies Wants Your Last Words

If you're not familiar with Lost Zombies by now, holy shit are you missing out! What is it, you ask? In a nutshell Lost Zombies is a social network whose goal is to document the zombie apocalypse and create the world’s first community-generated zombie documentary. Sound cool? You have no idea!

Smash Cut Trailer Debuts!

It was way back in February when we debuted the first stills from Smash Cut, and since then we've been pretty jazzed about the flick. Now that the trailer's out there we're even more excited!

Monster X Strikes American DVD

I've been anxiously following the progress of Minoru Kawasaki's revival of The X From Outer Space mon-star Guilala entitled Monster X Strikes Back: Attack the G8 Summit. Now the geopolitical giant Japanese monster comedy is set to attack American shores on June 30th.

Dexter Season 2 on Blu-ray Winners Announced

Everyone's favorite serial killer is coming home in high definition on May 5th, and to celebrate we're giving away some Blu-rays! YAY! Dread Central, in association with Paramount Home Entertainment, is giving away several copies of the show for you to enjoy! Congratulations Jan McCool Kathy Birch Randy Duvall Leonard Schlamp Misty Mason

Mum & Dad DVD Giveaway Winners Announced

There's a healthy amount of buzz surrounding the May 5th, 2009 DVD release of the UK import Mum & Dad, and like all cool things that you should know about and have, we're giving away a few copies!

*UPDATE* Moon Trailer Arrives

One of the films everyone was talking about out of this year's Sundance was Duncan Jones' sci-fi foray Moon. After months of waiting, there's finally a trailer online to whet the whistles of those of us who were not lucky enough to see it.

The Cell 2 DVD and Blu-ray Art

Finally a good look at the artwork for New Line's upcoming The Cell 2 has popped up courtesy of the good folks at DVD Active, and we have to admit given that the first film was so very visual, we're pretty underwhelmed.

Full Trailer for Thirst

Park Chan-Wook fans who have been waiting for the full trailer for his latest vampire flick, Thirst, rejoice! It's now online and it's looking pretty damned sweet!