Fox 2000 Gets Frank

Another retooling of a classic is headed our way courtesy of Fox 2000 as the studio announced tonight that a new take on the tale of Frankenstein is headed our way! This one with a foothold in the *gulp* romantic-comedy arena.

Lake Mungo Remake on the Way

That's right, kids! Before the original film makes its way Stateside, Paramount Vantage is already planning a remake of the Australian horror suspense film Lake Mungo.

Johnny Depp Talks Dark Shadows

Johnny Depp has done his part to ease the minds of "Dark Shadows" fans everywhere by confirming that Tim Burton's big screen adaptation of the long-running show is still very much on track.

Beastly Widget Transforms

Wanna watch Alex Pettyfer transform from man to Beastly before the film hits theatres on theaters July 30, 2010? Now by the power of the almighty tool known as the sharable widget you can!

Box of Shadows Begins Shooting in LA

College kids just never learn. They're always messing around where they shouldn't and wind up getting themselves and their friends killed. The students in the upcoming Box of Shadows seem destined for the same fate.

Rick Sloane Talks Hobgoblins

Many of you may not be familiar with the name Rick Sloane right off the top of your head. If you ever watched "Mystery Science Theater 3000" or USA Network's "Up All Night", chances are you're familiar with his work.

New Images from Alice in Wonderland

We all knew Tim Burton was liable to come up with some pretty amazing imagery for his upcoming Alice in Wonderland, and today we found out just how incredible it is.

See the Dead ... Right Now!

Here at Dread Central we love us some zombies, especially of the shambling super-rotted variety! There's just something about those flesh-eaters we just can't get enough of! As a result, we're always on the look-out for the goods and we're always happy to help out an indie filmmaker by showcasing their work. Such is the case with Robert W. Filion's undead opus -- See the Dead.

Cute Dexter Season 4 Promotional Art

When last we saw everyone's favorite lovable serial killer Dexter Morgan, he and Rita were gettin' hitched and having a baby. Could this demon seed be anything less than a bloody bundle of joy?

Zombie Road Prepping to Be Traveled

Another terror tale based upon a real life legend is quickly taking place as cinematographer Howard Smith (My Bloody Valentine 3D) and Ethan Terra (Monsterpiece Theatre) are gearing up to take us down one of our country's spookiest of roads.

New Trailers for Activision's Wolfenstein

The time for us gamers to blow the piss out of the Nazi undead is drawing nearer. Three new clips surfaced recently for Activision's upcoming horror shooter Wolfenstein that know how to whet the old whistle for fire-power and blood!

The Conduit Launches With a Monumental Trailer

Nintendo Wii users are finally gonna get their hands on a video game to scream about in Sega's The Conduit which hits stores this Tuesday! To celebrate we have a trailer for you of monumental proportions!

Fear Itself Comes Home in September

Remember "Fear Itself"? It was sort of like "Masters of Horror" but not really very entertaining. In any event the short-lived show will make its home video debut from Lionsgate in September and at the very least the box is amazing!

Need to Earn Yourself Some Killer Green?

If you’ve ever wanted to be in a horror movie, take note of this groovy little contest because this is your chance. And the runner-up prizes aren’t bad either!

Two Clips from Blood: The Last Vampire

Mondays are usually pretty blah. It's for THAT very reason we sat on these latest clips from Chris Nahon's Blood: The Last Vampire until today! Get ready for a little sword-swinging demon fighting to go with the usual complaining about your job and clock watching! Synopsis