Alex Winter Finally Unlocks The Gate

Alex Winter’s Freaked remains one of the most amazingly underrated films I’ve ever seen. In fact, I love it so much that it has bought the former Bill & Ted star eternal goodwill in my eyes. Normally I balk at the prospect of horror films of my youth being remade, but you can’t seem to escape that fate these days. And with Alex Winter at the helm, I’m actually looking forward to the updated version of the Tibor Takacs flick The Gate.

Of Darkness Trailer Offers Lots of Women in Panties

In a world in which women never wear anything more than skimpy lingerie comes a ghost armed with a knife and quite possibly a spectral erection. Are you ready? Grab your lube and let's go!

A Collection of The Collector Posters

We've been talking about Marcus Dunstan's The Collector for a few weeks now, and with good reason ... the flick is looking pretty sweet! Today we got our hands on all three of the film's posters in all their artistic goodness.

Yet More Behind-the-Scenes Halloween 2 Stills

In our long history of doing this job, we don't think we've ever seen anyone release as much behind-the-scenes stuff as Rob Zombie continues to do for Halloween II. Good thing? Bad thing? You tell us!

Teaser Poster for The Shrine Beckons

Looks like old Jack Brooks is gonna be waiting a little while for his next adventure as the creative team behind that flick are busy readying their new one, The Shrine.

Exclusive: Patrick Melton Talks The Killing Street & The Collector

Dread Central sat down with The Collector co-scribe Patrick Melton last Thursday to discuss The Killing Street, the new script he co-authored with long-time collaborator Marcus Dunstan (the duo behind the Feast franchise, as well as Saw IV thru VI).

Luke Goss Joins Fringe

After a slow start the J.J. Abrams produced series "Fringe" has picked up steam and a hell of a fanbase. Me? I'm still waiting for the cow to get his own spin-off series. But until that happens, we can honestly say the outlook for Season Two is looking pleasantly dark thanks to some genre-fueled guest star power.

Clifton Collins Jr. Signs Up for The Experiment

Yet another inmate has signed up for Paul Scheuring's remake of Oliver Hirschbiegel's based-on-a-true-story paranoia flick Das Experiment (review). Titled simply The Experiment, if the movie ends up being a tenth as good as its cast, we could be in for a real treat!

Director Talks The Echo Game: EXCL: Trailer, Promo-Art, and Stills

Director Brian Feeney provided Dread Central with an exclusive first look at the trailer for his supernatural slasher flick The Echo Game (see it below) as well as a piece of promotional artwork and a couple of stills from the flick, which is currently in post-production.

UPDATE: Watch Jennifer's Body Trailer NOW!

Some quick news today regarding when you can see just a wee bit more of Jennifer's Body other than the stills, Fox gabbings, and pictures of flesh-colored Pasties you've been getting for a few months now.

Teaser Poster for Filmax's Exorcismus

Yet another exorcism flick is on the way, this time from Filmax, and we can't recall the devil being this busy since Dick Cheney had a place in the White House!

The Horde Teases Zombie Mayhem

The teaser trailer for the latest French zombie opus, The Horde, shambled online over the weekend and it's looking pretty sweet. Gangsters and the living dead? How could it not!?! Official Synopsis:

Wizard World Philly 09 Highlights and Gallery

Wizard World set its geek ray on KILL this past June 19th-21st and blasted all over Philadelphia for another year. With the cancellation of two of their conventions, we entered this year's show hoping for a beefed up presence. Immediately, the absence of Marvel, DC, and Diamond Select was apparent and worrying. But that didn't seem to affect the mood of the fans.

Blood: The Last Vampire Opening Day Locations

Chris Nahon's Blood - The Last Vampire is one of the genre's most anticipated flicks this year, and we’re getting closer to its limited US release on July 10th.

New Night of the Demons Redux Image Emerges

Let it be known that today, Friday, July 3rd, is the day of fresh images hitting the Net! Yep, another new still has popped up online, this time of the lovely Diora Baird in Adam Gierasch's upcoming remake of the Eighties classic Night of the Demons.