San Diego Comic Con 2009 - Saturday Schedule

While it may seem as if a lot of the "big name" genre projects showing off their wares at 2009's San Diego Comic-Con have favored the front end of the show's run, the last two days are pretty chock full of panels and screenings as well. Here's a rundown of Saturday's schedule for those of you sniffing out the horror goods.

SDCC 09 Exclusive: Twilight's Hungry Edward

Although he's known more for sparkling than drinking blood, it appears Twilight's Edward Cullen does, indeed, hunger. And Tonner has the doll to prove it!

New Ghostbusters Logo Bank Slimes Your Cash

We've got Slimer, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and even an angry Stay Puft on the way as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. Now Diamond Select Toys rounds out its rotocast bank collection with the iconic Ghostbusters logo.

The Final Destination Is Your TV

If the latest bloody still from The Final Destination didn't rev up your anticipation level for the film, then maybe two new TV spots that popped up online will.

Coffin Rock Teaser Trailer

One film being shown at this year's Film 4 FrightFest that caught our attention is Rupert Glasson's debut feature, Coffin Rock, described as "a skillfully woven tale of palpable unease and gripping suspense." And if the teaser trailer is any indication, that does indeed seem to be an apt description.

Fantasia: Days 1 and 2

It’s been an insomnia inducing start to Fantasia’s thirteenth year. The opening night screenings had no noteworthy horror entries, so Paul and I spent the evening reconnecting with festival regulars, watched some non-genre movies, and plotted the next three weeks of cinematic mayhem.

UK Creepsville Wraps Principal Photography

A new film from fledgling director MJ Dixon is reported to have wrapped up principal photography over in the UK. Mycho Pictures was kind enough to drop us a note on the status of Creepsville as well as a film synopsis and breakdown to let us know what we're in for. Read below!

New H2 Wallpaper and Fan-Made Canadian One-Sheet

More Halloween II goodies have surfaced for you rabid fans that want EVERYTHING! Get ready to dig on some curious desktop wallpaper and some Canadian poster art from a fan!

See Barker's Book of Blood at Comic-Con

Before Book of Blood makes its Blu-ray and DVD bow on September 22, horror fans will have the chance to see it at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con ... with Clive Barker in attendance!

Win a Copy of The Haunting in Connecticut on DVD

Ready for some free ghostly goods? Well we''ve got your chance to win a brand spankin' new copy of The Haunting in Connecticut (review here) on DVD!

San Diego Comic Con 2009 - Frightening Friday Schedule

Take a look at Friday's schedule for this year's San Diego Comic-Con; it's a solid genre lineup so far, with more on the way!

This Hog Looks Nifty

Nifty Entertainment, best known for the comic book The Cadre, has set its sights on the film industry, and one of its first film projects is the sci-fi horror flick The Hog, which is described as "Jaws meets Porky's". If the mecha-hog in the finished film looks as nifty in the finished film as it does in the production art, then this movie is definitely going to be hog wild.

Harper's Island Crashes Onto DVD

It's a shame "Harper's Island" did so poorly on TV. Truth is it's a solid little show filled with about as much violence as some R-rated films. Pretty shocking. Word of mouth just spread a little too late, and as a result the show's fanbase got to the party too late to save it from the sentenced to Saturday night Death Curse.

Halloween 2 Chicks Show You Their Hole

We know. Skanky headline, right? If you think that's bad, wait until you see the new behind-the-scenes photo just added to Zombie's MySpace page showing off his ... ummm ... hotties hangin' out at Uncle Meat's Java Hole.

New Pandorum Widget Spreads the Spooky

MySpace. Facebook. Friendster. Social networking sites are as ridiculously popular right now as they have been for the past few years. So how about you add a little more horror to yours?