AFM: Official Plot & Early Art for Luster

Just last month we got the first word from Adam Mason on the next film he’s working on, Luster, and during AFM both the first poster art, on your right, and the official synopsis were revealed.

AFM: Harold & Kumar Helmer Kills Zombies

Danny Leiner, the man who showed us that both road trip movies and Neil Patrick Harris can be funny again with Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, signed a deal during AFM to bring us another bizarre comedy that will make horror fans stand up and moan: The Corporate Zombie Killers.

AFM: Mason's Blood River Goes International

Epic Films has jumped on board as international distributor for the latest from The Devil’s Chair (DVD review) director Adam Mason, Blood River, thanks to AFM. You may recall that Blood River’s been out there for a while now but this is the first time it’s been seen by distributors and all went very well.

Yuzna to Produce Trio of 3D Horrors

Of all the strange things Brian Yuzna’s name has been attached to over the years, an Indonesian trio of 3D films is probably the strangest yet. Yet, Variety is reporting that the Re-Animator producer is working through Komodo Film, another foreign company Yuzna owns, to develop all three.

The Weekly Wrap-Up: November 1-7, 2008

Whew! Finally the elections are over, and no matter which side of the political fence you sit on, you can't deny that history has been made.

Death Race, The Perfect Christmas Gift?

Oh Death Race (review) ... what could have been a smart remake with just enough high octane carnage to balance it all out got the Paul W.S. Anderson treatment. We all know how those things turn out.

Vote for Miss Horrorfest!

The finalists for this year’s Miss Horrorfest contest have been selected, and it’s time for you to pick the winners! Just like in the most recent election, I know you guys are going to make the right choice not just for After Dark Films and Horrorfest in general, but for the country as a whole!

AFM: Boll Still Planning on Bloodrayne 3

It’s not what one would call “news”, per se, but it’s an update from the world of Uwe Boll so don’t pretend you’re not fascinated by it. You’re only lying to yourself if you do. During his annual AFM chat with Andrew Kasch, the Mad German revealed that he is still planning on shooting Bloodrayne 3 at some point in the near future, and he does plan on it still taking place during WWII which, you may recall, is when the first game was actually set.

AFM: Splice, All the Boys & Clock Tower to Sony

It’s about time you all get to see All the Boys Love Mandy Lane here in the States, just so you can finally understand how overhyped it really is. I don’t hate it on the level that The Foywonder does, but I will agree it’s nothing terribly special. You’ll be able to see for yourself soon, as it’s one of three horror titles in a new deal Sony signed at this year’s AFM according to Screen Daily.

AFM: Paranormal Activity Sold Around the World!

Some good news from the floor of AFM for indie filmmaker and friend of the site Oren Peli, who’s remaking his own Paranormal Activity. The original had a packed screening at AFM and, according to Screen Daily, has received attention from all over the world.

AFM: Cotton, Look & Red Art

All right, so after a couple of days of good updates, I will admit we got a bit slack on our AFM coverage, so I’m going to try and catch you guys up with some of the better promo art that’s been showing up on STYD. First up is Cotton, the religious-themed horror film we first mentioned a few days ago that was produced for Eli Roth about a priest who agrees to have his last performed exorcism documented for prosperity. Dig a tease below; click it for the whole thing.

Repo! Cast & Crew Video Interviews!

Comic-Con may be over, but we're still going through the massive amount of video Buz and Kasch shot during the event and today we can bring you some more fruits of their labor!

His Name was Jason on DVD February 3rd!

What I never understood about '80s pop culture was the focus on Freddy Krueger. Don't get me wrong; I love Nightmare, but there's just something really wrong about having footy pajamas featuring a child killer on them. In comparison, I don't think Jason Voorhees got the same kind of over-exposure he deserved. Until now...

Car-Wash Carnage in Bikini Girls on Ice

The other night I finally got an opportunity to see Let The Right One In and it lived up to the hype. Now, while an artfully-crafted piece of sublime horror filmmaking is great and all, there's also something to be said for the horror films with no pretension, no subtlety, and no grace whatsoever when it comes to what they're selling. I'm talking about the films that are all about two things: blood and boobs, not necessarily in that order.

Gears of War Locust Bust!

The most hyped game of the year, Gears of War 2 (Get it ... now!), is booting up in Xbox 360s all over this great nation, but are you the total fan? Do you have it all? Did you get the Lancer?