First Look: Camp Kill

So sick and twisted horror author ... actor ... stunt ass ... and guy with an amazingly large cock, Joe Knetter ... just dropped us a line on a project that was shot up in his neck of the woods called Camp Kill. While he had no involvement with the film, it stars some of his favorite indie actors to work with: Scarlet Salem, Rachel Grubb and Landyn Banx, co-stars from his film Terror Overload.

Jay Cynik Packs a Punch!

I think most of us have a love/hate relationship with technology. While we enjoy the playground technological enhancements have created (amazingly detailed video games, the internet, social websites), we also miss the sense of privacy we once had.

A Perfect Getaway Comes a Week Early

A Perfect Getaway, David Twohy's terror tale of a honeymoon gone horribly awry, will be storming into theatres a whole week early! Proving conclusively that sooner Milla is so much better than later Milla!

Spooky New Orphan Stills

Warner Bros' press machine is working overtime today as more stuff for Dark Castle's Orphan keeps pouring in, in anticipation of the film's July 24th release! Get ready to feast your eyes on the freakiest images from the film yet!

Cell Gets Better Reception as a Miniseries

For a while it looked like the movie adaptation of Stephen King's Cell had gone to development hell to die, but today brings word that the project has been given a new lease on life ... as a television miniseries.

Massive Orphan Contest!

With the July 24th release of Dark Castle's Orphan coming up on us fast, we figured there'd be no better way to celebrate the arrival of the new spooky kid on the block than by giving away a prize pack full of all manner of goodies!

Fantasia: Days 3 and 4

The third day of Fantasia we woke up late, primed for a weekend full of incredible screenings. First up was the Tremors meets Eight Legged Freaks giant bug invasion flick Infestation.

New NSFW Antichrist Clip

We've all seen the posters, the images, the stills, etc. Now comes the "leaked" clip we've all been waiting for. Well, at least some of us have.

Dig in for Some Treevenge!

You want cool? We're talking really cool? Then you need to check out Jason Eisener's short film Treevenge. We don't care what you're doing. Screw your job and your boss. Let the baby cry. Turn off your TV talk shows! WATCH THIS NOW!

Adam Sandler's Shortcut DVD Art and Date

The artwork for the first horror film being produced by Adam Sandler, The Shortcut, has shown up online, and all in all I have to say I’m really not impressed. Come on, guys! Enough with the pouty teens! I wanna kill the chick on the left myself just for the look on her face.

Huge American Werewolf in London Blu-ray / DVD News

Usually when we get press releases in our inbox, we extrapolate information from them as a means to write our story for you guys to add that personal Dread Central touch to it. In this case? There's so much good to talk about we're leaving it AS IS!

Orphan's UK Poster and Some New Stills

We're just a few days away from the US release of Dark Castle's Orphan on July 24th, and in anticipation of the film's August 7th UK premiere, we've got a look at the one-sheet that was put together for our brothers and sisters across the pond.

H2: Captain Clegg CD Cover Art

Rob Zombie is at it again -- releasing info relating to Halloween II via his MySpace blog.

Get The Flock Outta Here!

Unless you've been living under a rock and don't know any better, you should be aware that many scientists have concluded that birds are the direct descendants of dinosaurs. Let's just be thankful that they have decreased in size dramatically. Can you imagine a Pterodactyl shitting on your car? YIKES!

*UPDATE* Gatekeeper Lets in the Dead

Though zombie films are still coming out at an incredible pace, the good ones have been few and far between. Production company Circle of Confusion is setting out to deliver the goods with their new undead opus Gatekeeper, and judging from their odd casting, they could very well be on the right track!