Reese Witherspoon is Nice

... or should I say NIIICCE? In any event it looks like the woman who helped the once sane Joaquin Phoenix walk the line is looking to go a little loony herself with Fox Searchlight.

H2 Teaser Trailer -- NY and LA Only

After not seeing the teaser trailer for Halloween 2 before his screening of Crank 2 (review), our man Nomad contacted the press folks who are working on H2 and found out some rather disappointing news for fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the film.

GothKill DVD Art, Specs, and Stills

One of the newest midnight movies ever to play regularly in New York City is coming home on May 12th, 2009, courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing. Get ready for GothKill!

Hilarious One Eyed Monster Poster Gallery

Poster art is truly an art form, and the people who are behind the upcoming horror/comedy One Eyed Monster are our kind of artists. Seriously ... you have to see these things! Be careful though, they are Not Safe For Work!

Exclusive Stills: Silent Night, Zombie Night

Man, we're busting our asses today bringing you some cool shit you won't find anywhere else. A few hours ago we brought you the trailer for director Sean Cain's Silent Night, Zombie Night, and now we have a couple of stills from the film that he provided to us exclusively for you guys! Huzzah!

Paul Solet Taking Grace Home to Boston

They say you can't go home again, but that's not the case for Grace writer/director Paul Solet. On April 25th, 2009, his overwhelmingly positively received film will play as part of the 7th Annual Independent Film Festival Boston, which runs April 22nd-28th.

Drag Me to Hell Rated

The MPAA laid down the official rating for Sam Raimi's much anticipated return to horror Drag Me to Hell today, and it's bound to get some fans' panties in a bunch.

Exclusive: Lost Zombies: An Experiment in Community Filmmaking

A zombie pandemic has broken out. There is widespread chaos all over the world. As one of the survivors, you want to communicate with others out there, but you aren’t sure where to turn to get your message out. What you need to do is get yourself over to LostZombies.com and tell your story.

Teaser Trailer for Silent Night, Zombie Night

Every year for Christmas I usually get some cool zombie related gifts, but this holiday season director Sean Cain has a gift for us all -- his splattery-good new flick Silent Night, Zombie Night! We just got our hands on the trailer, and all I can say is sign us up!

Free F.E.A.R. 2 DLC Available NOW!

Can't get enough of the gooey goodness of F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (review)? Well the good folks have some all-new content for you to blast your way through, and it's all free of charge!

The Xbox Gets Infernal This June

Back in 2007, a game called Infernal came out for the PC, and it got some pretty good reviews. Playing an agent of Hell fighting the forces of Heaven’s own secret service, Etherlight, the 3rd person action game involved a lot of hellfire and explosions. And I’m all good with that.

International Mutants One-Sheet

Over on David Morley's MySpace page he's posted the one-sheet for his latest zombie film Mutants. Take a peek inside to see the goods!

Halo-8 Acquires Ramzi Abed's In a Spiral State

Two words that are near and dear to my heart are "metaphysical" and "psychedelic", and Ramzi Abed's new film In a Spiral State promises to be both. Along with drug-addled and mindbending. Who's making such proclamations? Who else but Halo-8 Entertainment, one of the few companies around that still manages to create and distribute daring new films.

Exclusive: More From Roth on Thanksgiving

Just yesterday we told you about the looming possibility of Eli Roth's Thanksgiving becoming a feature length movie. Today we heard exclusively from Roth with a couple of more tidbits for you!

Exclusive: Teaser Poster for Animosity

Last Monday we doled out the scoop about producer-director Mark Steensland and screenwriter Rick Hautala acquiring the screen rights to James Newman’s forthcoming novel Animosity via their newly formed Chang Shao Trading Company. Today we have some teaser artwork for you!