James Marsden Signs Up for Straw Dogs Redux

There's no doubt Sam Peckinpah's 1971 film Straw Dogs, which was based upon the book The Siege at Trencher's Farm by Gordon Williams, is widely regarded as an absolute classic. And like all classics, we knew that sooner or later someone would get the bug up his ass to remake it. So now it's out with the Hoffman and in with the Cyclops.

Carice van Houten Has the Black Death

Those who did venture out to see the Tom Cruise Nazi epic Valkyrie (you know, the one in which nobody had a German accent) will most likely know the name Carice van Houten. If you don't, you and everyone else will be getting to know her quickly because she just signed on for Chris Smith's British horror film Black Death.

Dreyfuss Scores Piranha 3D Cameo

Just heard from our friends over at the Weinsteins with some really cool news regarding Alexandre Aja's remake of Piranha 3D ... genre fav Richard Dreyfuss is heading back into the water to deal with a whole new breed of toothy fish!

Manga Series Rin-Ne Online Now!

Viz Media has announced the first simultaneous East/West debut of a new manga series from legendary creator Rumiko Takahashi entitled Rin-Ne. The series launched just yesterday exclusively in Japan in Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine and online for North American audiences on TheRumicWorld.com.

Wicked Wood and a Bad Case of Maggots

Despite boasting a title perfectly suitable for a Ron Jeremy porno flick, Wicked Wood is actually a new indie horror flick about a couple that make the grave mistake of bringing home a mysterious wood carved figure called Splinter that comes to murderous life.

Has Platinum Dunes Found Freddy His Nancy?

The final piece seems to have fallen into place for the upcoming Nightmare on Elm Street reboot: At last Freddy has his new Nancy, and she's definitely not a household name ... at least not yet.

Extended Clip: While She Was Out

To celebrate next week's DVD release of While She Was Out (review here), we've scored you guys an extended clip! Get ready to bear witness to some of the carnage caused by Kim Basinger and her Toolbox of Terror™!

Stills and Trailer: The House of the Devil

Here at Dread Central we are big fans of both director Ti West and actor AJ Bowen. Well, actually in Bowen's case we're mainly fascinated with his beard, but anyway, to have them both working on one flick? That's what we call good stuff! We'd go to Tribeca for this film alone!

Stills and Trailer: Paintball

More goods out of the Tribeca Film Festival 2009. On the hot plate? Stills and a trailer for this year's slasher entry, Paintball.

Stills and Trailer: Fear Me Not

With Tribeca in full swing, lots of horror related goods from this year's crop of films are popping up left and right. Up next -- several stills and the trailer for the Danish psychological thriller Fear Me Not.

Final Destination: Death Trip 3D Behind-the-Scenes Footage

The fourth entry into New Line's Reaper-fest Final Destination: Death Trip 3D is in the process of undergoing reshoots down in Universal Orlando, and one lucky fan happened to be on the scene with a camera!

Halloween 2 Trailer Finds New Online Home

A couple of days ago we told you that the new trailer for Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 would be hitting YouTube this Friday. Well, cancel that. Come the end of the week we'll all be watching the trailer on ...

David Slade Signs On to Direct Eclipse

Well, it's official. The rumor-mill began rumbling yesterday that the acclaimed director of 30 Days of Night and Hard Candy, David Slade, was close to signing on to direct the third chapter in the Twilight saga, Eclipse. Today Slade has signed the dotted line.

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Clip: The Uninvited

If you ask those who have seen Paramount's The Uninvited whether or not it is good, they will probably hit you with a really confused glance and then shrug their shoulders. It seems nobody really knows for sure. Come April 28th the DVD and Blu-ray will hit stores, so I guess we can figure it out for ourselves soon enough.

Clip and Still from Tell-Tale

As a huge Poe fan, I'm really looking forward to seeing the latest film based upon one of his most frightening stories, Tell-Tale. You excited too? You may just be after checking out the latest clip and still from the film!