See Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex

Wondering what Josh Brolin will look like as the title character of the DC Comics sensation Jonah Hex? Well, thanks to some quick snapping paparazzi, you needn't wonder anymore!

More New Moon Stills

As if the silly CGI wolf transformation in the trailer for New Moon wasn't enough to dampen the old panties(!), three new stills from the second film in the Twilight saga have just hit online including one of a *gasp* shirtless and standing in the rain Jacob.

Lots of "Haunting" News

With the success of Lionsgates' The Haunting in Connecticut at the box office, those associated with the project are all looking toward some new haunting tales to tell that may end up as a trilogy and more!

Courtney Ford Reports for Dexter Season 4

As if there wasn't reason enough to look forward to the upcoming Season 4 of "Dexter" already, another new character is being added to the mix.

3D Japanese Ghost Story Coming from Shimizu

In what is probably the most shocking bit of news today: Japan is actually taking a page from a recent American movie trend. They’re going 3D!

Wimmer Scripting Total Recall Redux

Sure, it sounds like good news at first. Kurt Wimmer, the man responsible for the inexplicable cult favorite Equilibrium (and Ultraviolet, too, just to prove he’s not infallible), is attached to write a remake of Paul Verhoeven’s 1990 classic Total Recall.

Ruairi Robinson Headed for The Farm

While I won’t hold it against Irish director Ruairi Robinson for undertaking the Akira remake, his attachment to The Farm, a new development at Spitfire Pictures, sounds like something worth taking note of.

The Horrors of E3

With so many gameplay trailers and launch trailers coming out at such a fast and furious pace, it makes little to know sense to do a story on each one. Instead, here's a bunch of stuff all in one neat little blood-soaked spot!

E3: Resident Evil Portable

It's way overdue, but Sony just announced at their E3 press conference that a brand new Resident Evil title will be heading to the PSP sometime next year. Unfortunately, that was all they announced, so let the speculation begin.

Slime City Massacre Update & Teaser

Actor Lee Perkins dropped us a line today to let us know that actress and Playboy model Angelina Leigh has joined him in the cast of Slime City Massacre, Greg Lamberson's sequel to his 1980's cult hit Slime City, which we first told you about a few weeks ago.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Rabid Dogs

Rabid Dogs is considered by many to be the inspiration for Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs. Trembles appreciates it for its "bleak and searing real-world starkness."

An Early Look at Sam Worthington as Perseus

Most everyone seems to agree that Sam Worthington was the best thing about the recent Terminator: Salvation so there's little doubt he'll be able to hold his own against such heavy hitters as Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes in Warner Brothers' upcoming retelling of the Perseus myth, Clash of the Titans.

E3: New Dead Rising 2 Trailer

And the goods keep coming out of E3. Next up ... Dead Rising 2 from Capcom.

FearWerx Presents War of the Dead: Z•E•R•O - Zombie Type One

If your house is anything like ours, you're always on the looking for a cool looking new collectible to add to the collection. And if it's a zombie, then all the better! Today FearWerx announced a fellow you're sure to want to bring home: War of the Dead: Z•E•R•O - Zombie Type One.

Poltergeist Remake Script Review

Back in March of this year Stiles White and Juliet Snowden, the writing duo responsible for the upcoming Poltergeist remake, promised to the fans, "It’s treasured; it’s valuable. We see Poltergeist as if, um, as if we’re being handed the keys to the car and we’re gonna be really careful with it."