Saw Coming at You in 3D!

All sorts of cool things are happening this week at the San Diego Comic-Con, including the return of the film that launched six sequels, the original Saw in 3D!

The Devilfish Project Moving Forward

First we saw a brief mention about The Devilfish Project from actor Max Ryan on Twitter, and then we dug a little deeper to find out more. The film, officially called Max Ryan's Devilfish Project and being written by Fraser Townley and Byron Jackson, is based on a comic series of the same name, and a synopsis follows. Ryan will portray Federal Bounty Hunter Adam Winethrope.

New Stills: Clive Barker's Book of Blood

Some new stills and the official green-band trailer for Clive Barker's Book of Blood (review here) came our way today to share with you lovable sickos, and that's exactly what we aim to do!

Fantasia: Days 8 Through 11

Last Thursday we caught Adam Mason’s ambitious indie film Blood River (review here). While I don’t fully agree with Butane (who saw it at the Boston Underground Film Festival), it is one of the better horror-y things we’ve seen so far.

Motion Picture Purgatory Volume 2: Preview

If you’ve been reading Dread Central for any amount of time now, you’re no doubt familiar with our weekly Motion Picture Purgatory strip, furnished to us by Montreal’s Rick Trembles.

UPDATE: After Dark Horrorfest to Open Pulido's Graves

Man, 2009 has flown away from us! Just flown away! It's hard to believe, but it's already time for the next After Dark Horrorfest to begin gearing up, and today they've announced the very first addition to their special brand of mayhem!

House of the Wolf Man Pics and Info

One of our eagle-eyed readers sent us a heads-up about a new installment in the Wolf Man saga entitled House of the Wolf Man that is being filmed in and around the Los Angeles area with Sick Girl (review here) director Eben McGarr pulling double duty as the film's writer and director and Lon Chaney, Jr.'s grandson, Ron Chaney, starring as the titular character.

New Saw VI Motion Poster

Motion posters have become all the rage recently, and we've gotta admit they are pretty eye-catching. It only makes sense that the Halloween season's biggest franchise would get one of its own to promote its latest chapter.

New Creature Still: Rec 2

Unlike some other stills that have been coming out for other flicks, the folks behind the upcoming sequel Rec 2 are opting to give fans a taste of what they really want!

Another Behind-the-Scenes Image: Twilight: New Moon

Another behind-the-scenes still from the only tweener-fest to have cougars everywhere roaring (and in some cases writhing) in anticipation, New Moon, surfaced today ... and if you thought the last still was action packed, you haven't seen anything yet!

UPDATE: Lionsgate Unveils Second Batch of Ghost House Underground Titles

Early sales art for four of Lionsgate's big Halloween '09 releases has surfaced, showcasing the second batch of DVD's and Blu-rays in their Ghost House Underground line, and there are a couple of winners in the mix!

Leonardo DiCaprio Taking Us to The Twilight Zone

We are about to re-enter another dimension. A dimension of familiar sights, sounds, and minds. There's a sign post up ahead. Next stop -- the remake zone!

Do-Over to Keep You Wide Awake

Yet another graphic novel is making the jump to the big screen. But this one? This one has a super hot chick battling horror inducing creatures with various sharp implements while monster gore flies about liberally and with reckless abandon. In short -- we're interested!

Event Report: Nevermore: An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe

The only thing better than reading the Gothic works of Edgar Allan Poe is hearing them read by the distinct paranoid voice of horror icon Jeffrey Combs. If you’re a fan of the Re-Animator star – and how could you not be?

Syfy Slates Dushku's Graves, New Corn for September

Remember that Eliza Dushku movie about a group of surfers finding a cursed board game that claims a life whenever played? It seems like we've been reporting about Open Graves for a couple years now. That might be because we have. We last reported on it this past February, quoting Dushku herself as being unsure if or when the film would see the light of day. How does September 19th on Syfy sound?