Snake Women Lurk Deep in the Jungle

My personal experience with monster movies from Thailand haven't been happy ones, especially ones that involve killer snake people. I recall one I saw from a few years ago called Devil Species that was so bad it made me never want to see another Thai horror movie ever again. But after watching the trailer for Deep in the Jungle, I might be willing to lift my moratorium.

Satanic Turkey Rampage in Thankskiling

It was about a year ago I reviewed a movie called Zombeak! that billed itself as a the world's first satanic killer chicken movie. I didn't think that wacko movie could possibly be topped in the unholy poultry department. That was until I heard about ThanksKilling. Now it's a turkey turning the tables on mankind.

Dark Horse's Bruce Figure

One thing I think we can all agree on the collectible world is short of is Bruce Campbell figures that come with whiskey, don’t you think? Enter Dark Horse, who have taken up the mantle and run with it, producing the first Bruce figure from My Name is Bruce, which hits DVD on February 10th.

Buffy Headed for the Big Screen?

It’s a rumor of a rumor for now, but is it possible we could be seeing a new Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie in the near future? According to Moviehole, page 51 of the Aussie Hearld-Sun newspaper has an interesting bit about that very subject. It reads like this;

The Uwe Boll Turkey Day Extravaganza!

It's Turkey Day and what better day for multiple news items about Uwe Boll, the current kingpin of cinematic turkeys? Two news movies, a film retrospective, and a lawsuit: all today for your Boll-tacular Thanksgiving.


All right, the day for feasting has finally come! Time to gather with friends, family or random strangers and attempt to eat your own body weight in dead bird! Ah, America, where we celebrate kicking the collective ass of an entire culture by being gluttonous pigs. Love it!

Severance Director to Helm Black Death

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard hide or hair about Black Death, the post-apocalyptic medieval film we first mentioned back in February. Thankfully we can not only give you more on the film itself, but the goods news that Severance (review) director Christopher Smith is now at the helm!

Animated Terminator Salvation Poster

You’ve probably seen this elsewhere. Now you’re seeing it here. Below is the new web-only “poster” for Terminator Salvation, courtesy of the nice folks at Warner Bros. It’s like lenticular, only better!

Exclusive: First Pics from Fairy Tale Police!

Just last week we had the opportunity to check out the trailer for "Fairy Tale Police", Adam Green's entry in the Xbox LIVE "Horror Meets Comedy" project. And now today we got an exclusive first look at a couple of stills from the short.

Final His Name Was Jason Art, Blu Hellraiser News!

We just got our virutal hands on the final, official, this ain’t gonna change before release date artwork for Anchor Bay’s upcoming release of His Name Was Jason. Ain’t it pretty?

Berdejo Talks New Daughter

I don’t know what it is, but for some reason the more I hear about Luis Berdejo’s The New Daughter, the more anxious I am to see it. Normally a supernatural movie with Kevin Coster would do nothing for me at all, but this one just keeps showing promise.

Trailer for Mason's Luster

The trailer for Adam Mason’s latest, Luster, has managed to find its way to life over at Twitch Film, so you should get to checking it out. The film is about a man who believes his normal life is being messed with by an unknown assailant, realizing too late that it's his own doppelganger trying to destroy his piece of mind.

Ghoulish Gary's First Art Show!

One of my favorite artists of all time and the creator of the Dread Central “giallo” logo, Rue Morgue’s lead inkslinger Gary Pullin, is finally having his very first art show this December in his home town of Toronto!

First Poster for Aftermath!

We just got the first look at a teaser poster for the upcoming post-apocalyptic film Aftermath, which is on its way from Canadian director Laurent Piche. Along with the poster, which you can see below, there's also word that some pretty big names are circling Aftermath right now in terms of studios, so keep your fingers crossed!

Madonna's Brother Comes to Horror

Though we don’t have a helluva lot of details, all right none outside of the title, I think it’s interesting enough to note that not only does Madonna have a brother with a last name (all right that's just news to me ... I don't keep up on such things), but he’s making his directorial debut in our genre.