Official Dracula Sequel Hits in October

While there have been many rehashes and follow-ups to Bram Stoker’s original Dracula novel, there has never been an official sequel put on paper. Until now.

The Ridiculous Orphan Controversy

We’re getting closer to a point in life where pretty soon we won’t be able to say anything to anyone without running the risk of offending them. Every movie will have to be about cupcakes and strawberries except, even then, you’ll find some whacked-out percentage of the population who harbor deep-seated fears for confectionery treats and garden fruits. Am I exaggerating? I don’t believe so, but read on for the absurd controversy surrounding the Warner Bros. horror flick Orphan.

Stuart Gordon Heading to The Borderlands?

According to the industry film tracking website TrackingB.com, Stuart (Re-Animator, Stuck) Gordon is attached to direct the film adaptation of William Hope Hodgson’s ground-breaking horror novel House on the Borderlands.

Two Sneak Peeks from True Blood Episode #17

You have to hand it HBO. They've really pulled out all the stops on promoting this season of "True Blood" what with their extremely clever viral marketing and a plethora of stills and clips. Plus, they post on Twitter with a vengeance, and it's thanks to the latest tweet from @TrueBloodHBO that we're able to show you two sneak peeks from this Sunday's upcoming episode.

First Look at the Final Poster for The Box

I suppose it's only fitting that since he showed off the first one-sheet via his Facebook page, director Richard Kelly opted to reveal the final poster for The Box using his Twitter account.

Xavier Samuel Joins Twilight: Eclipse Cast

Xavier Samuel, a relatively unknown young actor, is about to find himself on the radar of teenage girls everywhere after being signed to appear as Riley in Twilight's upcoming second sequel, Eclipse.

SDCC 09: EW Sneak Peeks Genre Fare

Everyone's gearing up for next week's huge show, the beast known as San Diego Comic-Con, and you can look forward to some pretty insane coverage from us live at the event, but even as we speak the media machine is officially in overdrive!

Action-Packed Still from Twilight's New Moon

This is it, folks! Finally an image from the upcoming film New Moon to pique the interest of people looking for the type of action that could only come from the franchise phenomenon known as Twlight!

Genre Vets Prove They Are of The Violent Kind

You have got to love it when a plan comes together. Especially when said plan unites individuals with their own bounty of horror cred to work on one single project. A project that is of The Violent Kind.

SDCC 09: Zombieland Zombiewalk!

So ... it seems like there are lots of zombie-themed events happening these days. Why is it that we can't shake things up and have a werewolf festival? Maybe a C.H.U.D. walk every now and again for some variety? Well, zombies are the flavor of the moment, and as long as they're the shambling kind, I don't have a problem with that. And if you're planning on attending the San Diego Comic-Con this year, you've got something else to look forward to!

Noel Fielding - Zombie King!

Had enough of zombies yet? No? Well then, you're going to be all about this update from our horror fiends across the pond! If you're living in the United Kingdom or feel like booking a flight to Herefordshire, bust out the zombie make-up and let the games begin!

More Horror on DVD this Fall from Palisades Tartan

Ah, Halloween! It's like Christmas for the horror fan, only you've got to run out and buy all the goodies yourself. And so many damn titles are released in the September/October window that you often find yourself turning tricks or performing favors just to keep up with it all. At least I do.

Exclusive: Carmen Reed on the True Haunting in Connecticut

With the release of The Haunting in Connecticut (review here) on DVD and Blu-ray, Dread Central had a chance to sit and speak with Carmen Reed, the matriarch of the family who dealt with the actual haunting.

Resident Evil: Afterlife to Start Lensing in September

Despite not having released any details regarding the cast or even its director to media outlets, Resident Evil: Afterlife, the fourth theatrical installment in the franchise, will begin filming in late September in Toronto.

Exclusive Bloody Stills: Won Ton Baby

Fresh off of the last round of "WTF?!?" type images, director James Morgart has dropped us a line with even more bloody carnage-laden stills to share with you guys from his new flick Won Ton Baby.