SDCC 09: Chris Weitz Talks New Moon

When director Chris Weitz was first approached to direct New Moon, the second installment of the Twilight saga, he wasn't initially sure he was up for the job.

SDCC 09: Jonah Hex One Sheet (High Quality)

Warner Bros. chose to unveil the Jonah Hex one sheet at this year's Comic Con. We've got it. You know you want to see it.

SDCC 09: Taylor Lautner Talks Twilight: Eclipse

While talking New Moon at this year's Comic-Con, Taylor Lautner (also known as "Team Jacob" to the entire female population) spoke a bit about working with director David Slade on the third Twilight film, Eclipse. "David was great when we first met," said Lautner. "He was telling all these ridiculous jokes and I am really looking forward to working with him on the film."

SDCC 09: Want to Get Your Hands on More of Jennifer's Body? Of Course you do!!!!

Okay, I have to apologize for all of my lame ass puns infecting the Jennifer's Body story titles. It's just so damn easy. Anyway, the Megan Fox horror flick is all over the place at Comic-Con so it's not at all unexpected to turn up another still from the flick as well as a little dialogue from one of the film's co-stars, Kyle Gallner.

SDCC 09: Kristen Stewart Talks New Moon

While at Comic-Con, actress Kristen Stewart spoke about the transformation that her character Bella goes through in the second installment of the Twilight saga, New Moon.

SDCC 09: Gamer Talk from Neveldine and Taylor

Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are not known for quiet, thoughtful dramas tailor made for the Lifetime Channel. Crank 2 can easily be described as an all out orgy of carnage and psychotic behavior, but Gamer is a whole different animal. This is a near future in an alternate universe where gamers log on and pilot a living, breathing human being in a life or death struggle. The winner ... well .. .they get to live ... and if they live long enough, they might just go free!

SDCC 09: Tim Burton Tackles Dark Shadows

Is there another filmmaker working whose tackled more revisionist projects? It seems like everything this guy does lately is an updated version of an older movie, TV show or piece of literature. So, during Comic Con, Burton announced his next project, which really comes as no surprise.

SDCC 09: New Moon Mayhem

It's been New Moon mania down here at the SDCC as thousands of fans congested the main hall dying to get a glimpse of not only what is to come, but also a glimpse of their favorite stars. We have the rundown of EXACTLY what you missed!

SDCC 09: The Final Destination Clip Rocks Comic-Con

As expected The Final Destination ripped a huge bleeding hole through the crowd in attendance in Hall H of the gargantuan event, as David R. Ellis and company showed off the opening car crash sequence and more! Wanna know what you missed? We kind of thought you would.

UPDATED! Paul W.S. Anderson to Return for Resident Evil: Afterlife, Shooting in 3D!

Last week we told you that the fourth film in the Resident Evil series, subtitled Afterlife, would begin shooting this September. Today we got word that a director HAS been chosen for the project and things are, in fact, running full circle.

SDCC 09: Night of the Creeps Sequel is a Possibility

With the L-O-N-G awaited DVD of Night of the Creeps just around the corner, interest in the film is arguably at an all-time high. Creeps creator, Fred Dekker is at the San Diego Comic Con this week (like everyone else in the world) and spilled the beans on the possibility of a sequel...

SDCC 09: Dead of Night Clip

Just got out of the Masters of the Web panel where an exclusive clip from Dead of Night was shown. What did you miss? Find out now!

Left 4 Dead 2: Battle the Undead in the Swamps!

Sure, Left 4 Dead 2 looks like more of the same, but it also looks like a blast.

James Wan Nabs Castlevania

Genre staple James Wan just landed a gig that will most assuredly have lots of fans screaming, whipping, and tossing holy water at birds and or overly acrobatic midgets!

Dread Lands as Part of the After Dark HorrorFest

Anthony DiBlasi's adaptation of Clive Barker's Dread (review here) is quickly gaining steam as a true fan favorite during its festival run and now it appears that the flick will also get its due at the years biggest horror film festival.