UPDATED! Paul W.S. Anderson to Return for Resident Evil: Afterlife, Shooting in 3D!

Last week we told you that the fourth film in the Resident Evil series, subtitled Afterlife, would begin shooting this September. Today we got word that a director HAS been chosen for the project and things are, in fact, running full circle.

SDCC 09: Night of the Creeps Sequel is a Possibility

With the L-O-N-G awaited DVD of Night of the Creeps just around the corner, interest in the film is arguably at an all-time high. Creeps creator, Fred Dekker is at the San Diego Comic Con this week (like everyone else in the world) and spilled the beans on the possibility of a sequel...

SDCC 09: Dead of Night Clip

Just got out of the Masters of the Web panel where an exclusive clip from Dead of Night was shown. What did you miss? Find out now!

Left 4 Dead 2: Battle the Undead in the Swamps!

Sure, Left 4 Dead 2 looks like more of the same, but it also looks like a blast.

James Wan Nabs Castlevania

Genre staple James Wan just landed a gig that will most assuredly have lots of fans screaming, whipping, and tossing holy water at birds and or overly acrobatic midgets!

Dread Lands as Part of the After Dark HorrorFest

Anthony DiBlasi's adaptation of Clive Barker's Dread (review here) is quickly gaining steam as a true fan favorite during its festival run and now it appears that the flick will also get its due at the years biggest horror film festival.

SDCC 09: Saw VI - First Clip!

If you're not in attendance at this year's SDCC, then you are missing out on tons of stuff. That's why we're busting our asses to bring you the goodies, including the first official clip from Kevin Greutert's Saw VI! Check out one such tasty tidbit below which is playing at the Lionsgate booth at the SDCC sent to us by DC reader Ryan D! Saw VI arrives in theaters October 23. Clip removed by studio request. - Uncle Creepy

Book of Blood DVD and Blu-ray Art and Specs

Clive Barker's Book of Blood is on its way home to DVD and Blu-ray owners on September 29th and we've got everything you need to know about it it right here!

Child's Play Blu-ray Art and Specs

Yet another classic is being rolled out onto Blu-ray high-def this fall, this time featuring everyone's favorite bad Good Guy!

Knott's Berry Farms Wants Some of That Disney Money

Where is it written that only Disney is allowed to make movies based on their rides and attractions? That must be what James Moll, documentary filmmaker and head of Allentown Prods, must have asked himself before acquiring the rights to make a motion picture based upon Knott's Berry Farm's "Calico Ghost Town".

New Whiteout Trailer Won't Leave You Cold

I can't say I have ever read the 1998 comic book on which Whiteout is based, but after watching this trailer I know I will be seeing the movie version when it opens on September 11th. Kate Beckinsale stars as a sexy US Marshal sent in to investigate a series of brutal murders at Antarctic stations with only three days before the even harsher winter weather sets in. Dominic "Kalifornia, Gone in Sixty Seconds" Sena directs this body part freezing off chiller.

SDCC 09: Bousman's Abattoir Goes Theatrical

Just days after breaking the news about Darren Bousman's graphic novel project Abattoir (story here), Variety reports that Bousman will write and direct Abattoir for Radical Pictures. In Abattoir (which is French for slaughterhouse), a real estate agent assigned to clean up the remnants of a massacre that took place in a mansion he hopes to sell is visited by a twisted old man who draws the agent into a web of shadows, murders and massacres.

Boston Underground Film Festival has Call for Entries

It's time to dust off your shorts and shine your features yet again - the Boston Underground Film Festival is opening a call for entries in their 12th annual film festival scheduled to go down in 2010.

SDCC 09: Exclusive First Look: SAW VI Teaser Art

Live from the floor of the San Diego Comic-Con we bring you the first look at the Saw VI poster art!

UPDATE: SDCC 09: First Look: Nightmare on Elm Street Art, New Date

Live from the floor of the San Diego Comic-Con we bring you the first look at the A Nightmare on Elm Street redux!