Into the Woods Trailer Now Live!

Looking for something a little different? Into the Woods, the new terror/suspense offering from indie filmmaker Phil Herman, sounds like just the ticket!

The Thief of Always Coming to iPhone

Sitting backseat on a long Christmas road trip with the relatives has gotten a little more bearable with the glorious invention that is the iPhone and the plethora of apps, videos, music, and reading material it can carry along with it.

Monsters Vs. Aliens Video Game Coming in March

Activision has just announced a new game based upon the new Dreamworks Animation 3D film Monsters Vs. Aliens. The film itself, due out in March of 2009, is a comedic homage to the classic 50's monster movie which pits a gang of misfit terrestrial monsters against an unstoppable alien force.

Repo! Road Tour Winners Announced

Ready to become officially addicted to the knife? Then you are no stranger to the dark world of the Repo Man. In celebration of the success of the sold-out official Repo! Road Tour 2008, Dread Central and the filmmakers have put together a contest to get you higher than Zydrate!

Introducing The Dead Outside

In horror these days, there are two types of indies: movies you can tell were made on the very definition of a “shoestring budget” that are usually riddled with effects and performances so bad you can’t help but smile, and movies made by those who either had more money or just knew how to use it better along with a serious story to tell. The Dead Outside looks to, refreshingly, be of the latter category. Dig some plot:

French Zombie Featurette!

I have to admit, I’ve never heard Word One about the French zombie movie Paris by Night of the Living Dead until today, which just goes to show how under the radar the film’s been flying considering it’s been in production for about two years now.

Resident Evil 5 Console Exclusives Revealed

While I do wake up in a cold sweat sometimes with thoughts of a fourth Resident Evil movie rolling around in my brain pan, I’m usually able to get back to sleep realizing that the fourth movie isn’t a sure thing (yet) but Resident Evil 5, the game, is on its way.

Repo! The Genetic Opera Blu-ray and DVD Art

Words alone cannot describe how happy I am that Repo! The Genetic Opera is getting a proper DVD and Blu-ray release! Without question it's one of the most visually outrageous movies to come along in quite some time, and in HD? It's gonna be sweet!

Pontypool Poster Now Live!

Remember that flick Pontypool we told you about a while back? No? You should be ashamed! Well, maybe not, but still! In any event, the official poster is now online, so here's your chance to dig!

Final F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Featurettes Now Online

The third and fourth installments of F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Behind-The-Scenes are now online for your consumption, so we're doing our civic horror-loving duty by pointing you in the right direction!

Autopsy Stills Online

Looking for more pictures from Adam Gierasch's entry in the upcoming After Dark Horrorfest III, Autopsy? Then look no further than the official Horrorfest III site, which is now home to a dozen or so new stills.

Rob Zombie Back for Halloween 2?

So the rumor mill keeps on churning concerning Halloween 2, the sequel to Rob Zombie's re-imagining of the once great franchise; and it seems like RZ could be coming back for another round of Myers madness.

Friday the 13th Re-release DVD/Blu-ray Art

Paramount Home Entertainment sent over a look at the artwork and specs for the first three of the upcoming Friday the 13th DVD re-releases featuring a revamped look that is light years better than their previous revamped take on their last F13 box set. My head hurts.

Uncle Creepy's Blu Christmas Buyer's Guide

With the holiday shopping season officially upon us, I figured it might be a good idea to start making some recommendations for the lucky horror-loving folks on your lists!

Exclusive Dying Breed Pics!

It wasn't long ago that After Dark Films confirmed Dying Breed as one of Horrorfest III's 8 Films to Die For; and today they gave us not one, but three, exclusive pics from the film to share with our readers.