Liv Tyler and MarisaTomei Team up for Thriller

Variety reported tonight that Oscar-nominated actress Marisa Tomei (The Wrestler) and Liv Tyler (The Strangers) are set to become neighbors in the upcoming psychological thriller 10A/10B for Oxymoron Entertainment.

Minka Kelly: Hottest. Roommate. Ever.

You know, even we “Horror Chicks” can appreciate beautiful girls too! This is why I realize just how much the hot factor has increased for the upcoming Screen Gems thriller The Roommate.

Keanu Reeves Heads to the Lab for Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Ted “Theodore” Logan is no stranger to the horror genre. He’s starred in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, The Devil’s Advocate, and Constantine (among others).

Exclusive Stills from Beg

Just a few days ago we hooked you guys up with a trailer for Kevin MacDonald's Beg. Tonight the filmmakers decided to give Dread Central readers a chance to dig on some exclusive behind-the-scenes stills from the shoot.

Hard-Boiled Horror Tales: The Hit Got Hairy Part VI

Time for another installment of Doug Slack's horror anthology serial Hard-Boiled Horror Tales! Dread Central is proud to present "The Hit Got Hairy" Part VI.

Werewolf: The Series Finally Coming to DVD

Get ready to throw away your bootlegs (you know you bought them)! Everyone's favorite TV Werewolf show from 1987 is FINALLY making its jump to DVD and this is the cause for much rejoicing!

Chris Gorak at a Dead Loss

Chris Gorak who helmed the unnerving indie flick Right at Your Door had got himself a new film to work on -- Dead Loss. The title is actually pretty appropriate considering that's just what I was at after reading the plot crunch.

Dark Castle to Show Us The Apparition

While we all wait patiently for Hack/Slash to finally get its ass off of the ground, director Todd Lincoln has signed up for yet another film. This time a haunted house flick based on "true" events!

New Poster for Von Trier's Antichrist

With its spooky trailers and beautiful stills Lars von Trier's Antichrist is gaining lots of momentum. To help further it along we now present a brand spanking new poster!

New District 9 Poster and Trailer

A new trailer for the Peter Jackson produced alien epic, Neill Blomkamp's District 9, came across our desks a couple of days ago, and we've finally been given the green-light by the government to post it! They try to keep everything classified ya know.

Get Ready for the Tokyo Gore Night!

Two things that get nerds hot. Tokyo and GORE!!! Put them together and you have magic. New York Asian Film Festival is shaping up nicely and we announced the creepiest of the bunch a couple of days back.

Darren Bousman Bringing us Mother's Day

Talk about timing! With Mother's Day just a few days away the news has come out tonight that the remake is officially a go! Even better -- the folks behind it? Read on and see for yourself!

Final Trailer for Doghouse

In anticipation of its June 12th release, the final theatrical trailer is now live for Jake West's latest feature, Doghouse!

Third TV Spot for Drag Me to Hell

Soon. Very soon. Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell is just right around the corner and as a result all sorts of goodies have been popping up. Next at bat? The third TV spot!

First Footage from The Crazies Remake

While we all wait eagerly for the February 26, 2010 release date of Breck Eisner's remake of the Romero classic The Crazies to arrive, MTV got themselves some exclusive footage from the set!