SDCC 09: What to Expect from Saw VI

Other than gratuitous Costas Mandylor, lots of hopelessly convoluted plot twists and the obligatory musical crescendo signifying the end of the film, Saw VI co-writer Patrick Melton was on hand at Comic Con to tell fans what they could expect from the latest sequel.

SDCC 09: World War Z Seeking New Director

Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster has been attached for quite a while now, but another day at Comic-Con brings another cadre of announcements - including mention that Paramount Pictures is currently in the market for a new director to get behind the oft-delayed zombie flick.

EXCLUSIVE! SDCC 09: Animated Flick, 9, Could be Coming at you in Three Dimensions!

Our fearless Uncle Creepy just phoned in from the heart of Comic Con with an exclusive about Shane Acker's animated flick, 9, so keep reading for the scoop!

Good News for The Host 2!

One of the best genre films in recent memory, The Host, will be the basis for both an American remake (surprise, surprise!) and a sequel. And while I couldn't care less about what Hollywood thinks it can do to make a better film than Joon-ho Bong's original, the prospect of a sequel, however unnecessary, has my full attention.

SDCC 09: Dexter Season 4 Promotional Trailer

Dexter, like everything else, is being promoted at this year's Comic-Con, but the good news is that you don't have to be there to get your first sneak peek at the new season!

Some Pics from DREAD

Dread seemed to go over pretty well at this year's Fantasia festival and today we've got a couple of images to pique your curiosity.

SDCC 09: Legion Prequel Coming from IDW

The Sony Screen Gems horror/fantasy flick Legion may be garnering a little bit of buzz in the horror community, and to coincide with the film's release, IDW Publishing has announced plans for a prequel comic to help pave the way for the film's January, 2010 theatrical bow.

Anchor Bay to Release Stan Helsing

Anchor Bay and horror films have always been a good mix, and today we've got word that the Bay have decided to give Bo Zenga's genre spoof, Stan Helsing a home amongst their prestigious horror library. Read on for the skinny.

New Clip from Frayed

We got our hands on a pretty cool clip from the upcoming slasher flick Frayed the offers a car chase and the first reveal of the killer! What's better than that?

SDCC 09: The Hills Run Red Trailer Available Now!

It feels like we've been waiting forever to get a glimpse of this promising new slasher flick from Dave Parker. Well, the wait is over because you can finally feast your eyes on the film's trailer!

New Bioslime Trailer Promises Lots of Gooey Goodness

Between Reporting on all the Comic Con, Fantasia, we somehow neglected to bring to you the news of the latest trailer for the promising low budget horror flick Bio-Slime. Just the fact that I could somehow overlook such a gooey tentacle-filled b-movie spectacular fills me with shame.

Fantasia: Days 12 Through 15

More highlights from the Great White North's incredible film festival!

SDCC 09: Watch the Nightmare on Elm Street, Book of Eli, and The Box Panel NOW!

Check out footage of the Warner Bro's panel. We have the Book of Eli, Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Box. You can also watch our live streams from Comic Con here.

SDCC 09: See the Twilight New Moon Panel NOW

Ok Twilight fans, don't ever say we don't love you! Here for your enjoyment we present the entire panel discussion for New Moon!

SDCC 09: Jonah Hex Footage and Panel

The panel for Jonah Hex let out a short while ago, and while there wasn't a lot of new info revealed, we did see some new footage that was cut together just for the San Diego Comic-Con and learned from director Jimmy Hayward that shooting of Megan Fox's scenes wrapped just 48 hours ago.