Nevermore Starring Combs as Poe Extends Run

It's with great pleasure that we announce that Nevermore (event report here) starring Jeffrey Combs in a one-man-show as Edgar Allan Poe has been granted a longer life in Los Angeles!

Prisoners Gains a Producer but Loses its Stars

In an interesting twist of fate, Aaron Guzikowski's hot spec script Prisoners has been acquired by Alcon Entertainment, but in the process its previously attached stars Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale have dropped off the project along with rumored director Bryan Singer.

Fantasia: Days 16 Through 18

The final weekend of Fantasia delivered in spades. The screenings divided audiences, prompted walkouts, and had viewers rolling in the aisles and salting their popcorn with tears of joy celebrating the rebirth of Coffin Joe.

Halo-8 Launches Televandalism with Pop Skull

Halo-8 Entertainment has announced that Pop Skull will be its first "day and date" DVD/digital film release, timed with the official launch of Halo-8's VOD website Televandalism (in beta since 2008), which offers VOD-streaming subscriptions (all streaming titles for a total subscription of $.99 per month) or DVD-quality downloads ($9.99 each, with instructions for porting them to your TV) of films, comics, fitness/lifestyle videos, webisodes, and video games.

Win a Pair of 9-Inspired Shoes From Focus Features!

Remember those cool limited edition 9-inspired shoes from Pony we showed you last week? Well, if you're ready to test your online "treasure hunting" skills, a pair of your very own could be in your future. Dread Central, in conjunction with Focus Features, is pleased to present our exclusive "9experiment.com Talisman Challenge Clue".

Death Kappa Preparing to Stomp Tokyo

Media Blaster' Fever Dreams label may be best known for splatteriffic Japanese insanity like Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police but now they're about to embark on bringing an old school giant monster movie to life with Tomoo Haraguchi, f/x whiz and director of Sakuya Yokaiden and the Kibikichi samurai werewolf flicks, at the helm. Look out world; here comes Death Kappa!

The Collector Has a Feed For You!

A creepy little NSFW feed came across this scribe's desk this afternoon (can't tell ya' who tipped me off, though) from Liddell Entertainment's The Collector, which opens wide this Friday, July 31, via Freestyle Releasing.

Pick Your Poison: The Cover of Wrong Turn 3

There was a time when I'd buy or watch a movie just because of its cover, but lately cover-art has become a dying art as of late populated by pensive looking teens and floating heads. In terms of Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead Fox Home Entertainment are giving fans a chance to pick from two of the best choices we've seen in a long time.

Kong to Climb the Big Screen in Prequel: Kong: King of Skull Island

We don't know about you guys but we can't get enough Kong, and consume it lovingly in all shapes and sizes no matter how good or bad! Who can't laugh at King Kong Lives' Queen Kong and her pendulous gorilla titties? Or the Japanese Kong that had eyebrows and like nineteen elbows in his arms! Or better yet who hasn't watched Peter Jackson's version of King Kong and thought to themselves at least once during its massive run time -- "This is what I go to the movies for!" Looks like we're gonna have another reason to head to theatres again soon!

SDCC 09: History is Made as REPO! Shadowcast is Streamed LIVE Around the World

For me this year was (and still is) "The Year of REPO".

D.J. Caruso to Helm Dead Space Adaptation

The EA franchise, Dead Space is so very rife with back-story and mythos that it seemed like a live action film based upon it was only a matter of time. That time is now.

Even the Internet Has an Elm Street

Fans looking forward to the Platinum Dunes remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street can start getting excited! The official website is now open to get you all sweaty with anticipation!

Dorian Gray Teaser Surfaces

The international teaser trailer has surfaced today from the upcoming adaptation of Oscar Wildes’ The Portrait of Dorian Gray, now shortened to simply Dorian Gray, and it's lookin' pretty good.

Dark Country Trailer and DVD News

Thomas Jane's directorial debut, Dark Country is getting set to hit DVD on October 6, 2009 and we've got all the goods you need to know about it including the trailer! Dig it!

Halloween 2: Share Myers with Your Friends

There's nothing like posing for a picture with your favorite horror star. How cool would it be to be able to make that happen any time you wanted?