True Blood Season One Announced, Friday Season 2 Art

There’s no official art or specs for it yet, but you can already pre-order yourself a copy of “True Blood: The Complete First Season” on DVD. Remember the old days when we had to wait years for a series to show up on VHS? No, you probably don’t ... I’m dating myself a bit.

Punisher 2 Director on Jonah Hex?

I’m still not entirely sure if Jonah Hex has anything to do with horror, I’ve never read the comic myself, but since we’ve been giving you guys updates on the film version since it was announced, why stop now?

Reality Stars Die in Reality Horror Night

In a move I can only refer to as ridiculous, someone out there has brought a group of desperate, fame-hungry “reality stars" together for a new feature called, creatively, Reality Horror Night.

It's Seagal vs. Vamps in Against the Dark

You see now THIS ... this is what I'm talking about! Never mind the comeback movies of Stallone or even JCVD ... When Steven Seagal makes his comeback he's gonna be kicking the shit out of vampires! Can I get an AMEN?!? Sony Pictures' upcoming release of Against the Dark (formerly called Last Night) will find Seagal amidst all manner of toothy mayhem. From the official synopsis:

Artwork & Specs for Boogeyman 3

I know what you're thinking -- "Man, I really wish someone would make another Boogeyman movie!" Well, consider your wish granted! There's another on the way and we've got the goods on what to expect.

Death Race Losers er ... Winners Announced!

Ready to get all revved up? Well, we've got your hot free ticket to the one film where every woman walks in seductive slow-motion!

Screamers 2 Trailer Surfaces

Remember the Peter Weller sci-fi actioner Screamers from the mid-Nineties? Hello? Anyone? Yes! You! Right there in front of your PC! You remember, and to reward you for your reverence of such a fine film, we now present the trailer for the long awaited follow-up, Screamers: The Hunting!

Official U.S. Donkey Punch Poster and Unrated Trailer

There will never be a time that I don't take every opportunity to use the words "Donkey Punch" in a headline on our site! Thank god for movie titles, eh?

More Stills from The Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre Online

Ah, Iceland. It's a truly scenic stretch of our lovely planet indeed. That being said, what better place to have a massacre? A Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre to be exact!

Into the Woods Trailer Now Live!

Looking for something a little different? Into the Woods, the new terror/suspense offering from indie filmmaker Phil Herman, sounds like just the ticket!

The Thief of Always Coming to iPhone

Sitting backseat on a long Christmas road trip with the relatives has gotten a little more bearable with the glorious invention that is the iPhone and the plethora of apps, videos, music, and reading material it can carry along with it.

Monsters Vs. Aliens Video Game Coming in March

Activision has just announced a new game based upon the new Dreamworks Animation 3D film Monsters Vs. Aliens. The film itself, due out in March of 2009, is a comedic homage to the classic 50's monster movie which pits a gang of misfit terrestrial monsters against an unstoppable alien force.

Repo! Road Tour Winners Announced

Ready to become officially addicted to the knife? Then you are no stranger to the dark world of the Repo Man. In celebration of the success of the sold-out official Repo! Road Tour 2008, Dread Central and the filmmakers have put together a contest to get you higher than Zydrate!

Introducing The Dead Outside

In horror these days, there are two types of indies: movies you can tell were made on the very definition of a “shoestring budget” that are usually riddled with effects and performances so bad you can’t help but smile, and movies made by those who either had more money or just knew how to use it better along with a serious story to tell. The Dead Outside looks to, refreshingly, be of the latter category. Dig some plot:

French Zombie Featurette!

I have to admit, I’ve never heard Word One about the French zombie movie Paris by Night of the Living Dead until today, which just goes to show how under the radar the film’s been flying considering it’s been in production for about two years now.