New Call of Duty Nazi Zombies Map Tomorrow!

Yet another map pack drops tomorrow for Activision's Call of Duty: World at War, and the best part? We're getting yet another new Nazi zombie level! Get ready, kids! “Shi no Numa -- The Zombie Swamp" is ready for deployment!

Exclusive Clip: Friday the 13th: The FInal Chapter DVD

In just a few short days fans everywhere will be able to get their hands on Paramount's latest crop of Friday the 13th Deluxe DVDs, and to celebrate their release, we got a special exclusive clip from the stellar The Crystal Lake Massacres Revisited mockumentary! Why? Because you're all a bunch of sexy bitches, that's why! Dig it below, and look for these bountiful releases in stores on June 16th!

Preview: True Blood Season 2: Episodes 1-4

When writing a quick review of the series premiere of True Blood last September, I cited its "unflinching eroticism and brutality" and hailed it as "poised to take its rightful place in the pantheon of great vampire epics."

DiCaprio on McFarlane's Wish List for New Spawn Film

I guess it’s not surprising to hear that Leonardo DiCaprio is Todd McFarlane’s number one choice for the lead in a Spawn reboot (there’s that damn word again). These days comic adaptations are the rage, and top-tier Hollywood talent has been all over the recent trend, often translating into box office gold.

More True Blood Promotional Clips

Viral marketing campaigns are nothing new, but HBO has really taken it to the next level with its promotion of "True Blood", which begins its second season this coming Sunday, June 14th.

Vampire-Con Heading to Hollywood This August

Is there any more enduring horror icon than the vampire? Sure, zombies have their fans, but overall vamps seem to rule the day. So it makes perfect sense they finally have a convention all their own: Vampire-Con, running August 14th–16th, 2009, in Hollywood, CA.

Violent New Stills From Halloween 2

Now this is what we're talking about. No photos of Loomis looking pensive or Michael standing around. Today we get some behind-the-scenes shots of Wayne Toth's stellar F/X work! Meaty!

First Look at Gris Grimly's Wounded Embark of the Lovesick Mind

Gris Grimly returns with another demented short film adapted from his own warped paintings, "Wounded Embark of the Lovesick Mind". The film, a surreal and nightmarish study of love and obsession, details a one-sided relationship between Lovesick and the object of his affection, Beauty. When it becomes clear that the girl wants nothing to do with her admirer, he turns to murder in order to preserve her beauty.

Nasty New Still from Rec 2

Another new image from Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza's upcoming sequel to their film REC (review here), entitled cleverly enough REC 2, just dropped online today, and of course we have it here for your infected pleasure!

Beauty and the Beast vs. Witch and the Troll

Beauty & the Beast is a timeless tale. Now it's time to see if it can survive the Syfy treatment. If nothing else, at least with Estella Warren in the lead, there will definitely be some beauty on display.

Fearwerx Unleashes a Zombie in Hartford

Guests planning on attending the upcoming Monster-Mania convention in Hartford this weekend should really head on over to the Fearwerx booth to dig on a zombie collectible that you don't wanna miss!

Vicious Salvage Trailer Now Online

Zombie films. We love them. Especially ones that feature something more than some Goth kids running around in pale make-up splashed in stage blood. Yep, we like our undead flicks chock full of as much substance as gore. Enter ... Salvage.

Jason ... The Thinker!

Gentle Giant is in command of the New Line Cinema House of Horrors license for statues and busts, and so far they've gone from ultra realistic to Tex Avery cartoony in 3.2 seconds. Now...we get a somber piece. Jason sits in his childhood bed, clutching a doll that reminds him of his lost innocence while his subconscious has him stabbing the hat of Freddy Krueger, the man that epitomizes the rape of children's dreams. DEEP! Let's read the propaganda ...

End of Days: Damnation in the Works?

It's been almost a decade since the Y2k Schwarzenegger vs. The Devil flick End of Days (review here) taught us that a rocket launcher can indeed vanquish Big Red.

Eli Roth Hoping to Enter The Funhouse

Tobe Hooper's under-appreciated slasher opus The Funhouse is a huge favorite here around the Dread Central offices. The flick had it all -- gypsies, sex, good kills, a great location, and most importantly a badass looking monster who wore a Frankenstein's Monster mask until his, um ... unveiling. From our point of view this remake is a no-brainer and it seems as if director Eli Roth feels the same way!