A Perfect Getaway Trailer Coming Soon! New Still!

Those of you planning on checking out Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell when it opens on May 29th (if you have any common sense, you will be one of those people) will also be treated to the trailer for David Twohy's upcoming thriller A Perfect Getaway. That means grab your popcorn early and get your asses into the theatre, STAT!

Pontypool - Theatrical One-Sheet

The oddest zombie movie you'll ever see, Pontypool, has nabbed itself a snazzy new one-sheet to go along with its theatrical release. Just keep your mouths shut about it. Ya never know what harm your words can do!

DVD Release List: May 19, 2009: Give an Infected Outlander a True Blood Valentine

A bounty of DVDs await those with eclectic tastes this week. Along with classics like Nightmare Castle, The Last Horror Film, and the ultimate "Suspense" TV series collection, we recommend Eden Log, Outlander, and of course MBV3D.

Haunting in Connecticut this July

Never mind that silly rumored November release date. Lionsgate has announced a July 14th bow for their box office success, The Haunting in Connecticut.

Pattinson Confirms Breaking Dawn and Discusses New Moon

In what's sure to come as no surprise to anyone, heartthrob Robert Pattinson, who's spending a little time soaking up the Cannes experience this week, confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that he's signed on for Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final installment in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Class of 1984

Leave it to Trembles to remind us what a classic slice of cult cinema Class of 1984 was!

Stone In Talks For Helter Skelter

Oliver Stone hasn’t been on much of a winning streak lately, but today brings us rumblings of a project that might just suit the director’s frenzied style.

Bruce Willis Gets Grimm

Hollywood superstar Bruce Willis is about to throw himself into the center of another supernatural flick, Grimm, a small town horror story about the disappearance of a teenage girl that kicks off a whole slew of terrifying events.

First Image from the Set of the Nightmare on Elm Street Redux

Here we are again. It's almost too easy. Anyway, the first picture from the set of Platinum Dunes' reboot of the A Nightmare on Elm Street series has surfaced online, and you'll never guess who it is of!

Is Medium Heading to CBS?

When it first premiered, I was as big a fan of "Medium" as anyone. Its balanced portrayal of psychic/medium Allison DuBois' professional and personal lives was rich and rewarding. But it started losing me in later seasons, mostly due to the fact that it began to feel a little too familiar week after week.

Teaser Poster for New Moon

The teaser poster for Summit Entertainment's New Moon has been officially released, and as expected, its focus is the love triangle among vamp Edward, lycan Jacob, and our caught-in-the-middle human Bella.

The Shortcut Images and Trailer

The first images and trailer for the Adam Sandler produced horror flick, The Shortcut, went live today and we've got a look at all the Scary Madison shenanigans you could ever want!

NSFW Trailer: T.M.A.

Oh, those crazy Czechs! The director of the critically acclaimed The Cremator (review here) is back with another bizarre film known as T.M.A. for you to dig on which features violence, nudity, and ... well .... violence and nudity!

Trailer Dolan's Cadillac

You win some and you lose some. That's a fair assessment of Stephen King adaptations. So which side does Dolan's Cadillac end up on? Check out the trailer and predict for yourself.

Jeffrey Combs Quotes The Raven!

While the further adventures of everyone’s favorite mad scientist, Herbert West, remain firmly up in the air, you can catch a Re-Animator reunion of sorts this summer if you’re living in or around the Hollywood area.