Exclusive: First Two Stills From Imago

Alternate dimensions can be a real bitch. Especially ones that unleash all manners of horrors on our troubled enough lives. Such is the case for our poor protagonist in Chris Warren's indie effort Imago.

Paris Hilton to Guest Star on Supernatural

No stranger to the horror genre after her participation in the House of Wax remake and Repo! The Genetic Opera, Paris Hilton is about to embark on a "Supernatural" journey as a guest star on the popular show that airs on the CW Network.

The Vampire's Assistant Gets a Trailer

Fans hungry to see the first chapter in the Cirque du Freak story come to life can get themselves a little taste of what's to come as the trailer for the film just debuted.

Behind-the-Scenes Stills: Wes Craven's 25/8

A few behind-the-scenes images for Wes Craven's 25/8 have surfaced today from the master himself so we're doing our duty to point you in the right direction. Plot Synopsis

Universal Finally Celebrates The Wolf Man's Legacy

Even though Frankenstein and Dracula both got the stellar DVD treatment a while back, there's one monster who was left to fend for himself in DVD land ... the Wolf Man. Universal has corrected that wrong by finally offering up The Wolf Man -- Universal Legacy Series.

American Werewolf in London Blu-ray Art

The artwork for the upcoming fully stacked Blu-ray release of An American Werewolf in London hit online today and just like the rest of the package it's pretty damned bitchin'!

Badass Zombieland Trailer Unearthed

Zombieland looks amazing, and this new trailer will show you just how amazing in spades. That unfinished trailer from a while back is ready to tear your horror movies woes to pieces!

Dante's Inferno: Descend Into the 2nd Circle of Hell

Several months have passed since we got the first look at EA Games' upcoming Dante's Inferno, but good things come to those who wait. The time has come to discover the Second Circle of Hell, where those who are overcome by Lust are punished.

Rotkappchen: The Blood of Red Riding Hood Trailer

While poking around the Internet for more details about Leonardo DiCaprio's production company's development of a Gothic reimagining of the classic Little Red Riding Hood, we came across a completed film that's also based on the popular fairy tale, Rotkappchen: The Blood of Red Riding Hood.

Serpent Lake Website Open for Business

Every so often a trailer comes across our desks that looks so very ... so very ... well ... words just can't describe it. Such is the case with Joel Trujillo's micro-budget B-movie celebration Serpent Lake.

Robert Hall's Fear Clinic Trailer Now Live!

The trailer for FEARnet's latest web series "Fear Clinic" has just gone live, and it looks so badass that it may just change the way you think about original online programming.

Jezebeth Teases Us

It's not right to read someone else's diary, especially when said diary belongs to a devil worshipping sadist. You know doing shit like that just has to end badly.

DiCaprio in the Mood for Red Riding Hood

I was not aware that Leonardo DiCaprio had his own production company named Appian Way. According to Variety, Appian Way has partnered with Orphan screenwriter David Leslie Johnson to develop a Gothic reimagining of the classic children's tale Little Red Riding Hood.

Halloween 2 Test Screening Synopsis

Halloween II has just started test screenings, and one enterprising individual who attended one of them took the time to give us the blow-by-blow description of all the film's events. Dare you watch?

James McTeigue Takes on Poe's The Raven

Every now and again our genre sees a glimmer of hope. For every seven remakes, rip-offs, and sequels, there always pops up a project that sounds cool enough to keep an eye on. Enter James McTeigue's take on Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven.