Four Clips from True Blood Season 2

Man, it sure is hard to wait until Sunday, isn't it? That's when "True Blood" Season 2 premieres at 9PM (EST). Having seen the first few episodes already (look for a review soon), we can tell you that things kick off in high gear and do not show any signs of slowing down. If you need a little preview of things to come, we've got your hook-up!

Godkiller's Official Trailer Debuts

We've been following the progress of Halo 8 and Matt Pizzolo's "illustrated film" adaptation of the Godkiller comic for some time now, and finally our patience has paid off with the release of its official trailer.

A Look at Loomis & More H2 Updates

Jesus Christ, Michael! We are so tired of looking at the Myers family. How about a peek at Loomis instead?

Horror Blog Horror Squad Launches!

The horror landscape can appear a bit crowded at times, but we always find the room to welcome one more of our own. And today we're doing just that for HorrorSquad.com, which has one mission and one mission only: The celebration of the horror genre we all love.

Dushku Goes Home for Valediction

During a break from the surprisingly renewed "Dollhouse", Watertown, Mass. native Eliza Dushku has returned to her roots to appear in indie thriller Valediction. Home base for the crew is reportedly South Boston's Seaport District.

Phantasm II: This Fall the Ball is Back on DVD for the First Time!

Does Universal have another horror title in its library as heavily requested as Phantasm II? I doubt it.

Fox Wants Ridley Scott for Alien Prequel

Wait, Fox wants to make a good Alien movie now? It certainly would seem so if today’s announcement is any indication.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Drag Me to Hell

After a couple of weeks of looking back at some older classics, Trembles returns to the present day with a review of Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell. It seems he's not quite as enamored of it as most of the rest of us.

New Bloodthirsty Doghouse Trailer

Just days before its June 12th UK release in theatres, yet another trailer for Jake West's Doghouse has surfaced that makes us yearn to be across the pond for this weekend's festivities!

Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires Remake?

In a world populated by shit we do not want to watch, we cannot recommend enough tracking down a copy of the classic film Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires. We're talking one of the original chop-socky vamp flicks ever delivered to us by Hammer and starring Peter Cushing as Van Helsing! Ah, the simple joys of it!

Arnie Cameo Not Confirmed for Predators

Looks like the proverbial gun may have been jumped in terms of Schwarzenegger's involvement with Robert Rodriguez's Predators.

Night of the Living Mormons

As if Mitt Romney's chances weren't shaky enough with Christian conservatives simply because they consider Mormonism a heretical religion, can you imagine how the Pat Robertsons and Dr. James Dobsons of America are going to feel when they find out about the Mormons turning into flesh-eating zombies. It's true. So sayeth The Book of Zombie.

H2 Myers Figure Stalks Your Ankles

Mezco's Cinema of Fear is the new reigning champion of blood, guts, and plastic, bringing little horrors to fans across the world. This 7-inch series of figures adds new pieces in the scale collectors have come to love but approaches the classic baddies in ways we've never seen before. Now, the Mez takes on Rob Zombie's H2!

The Hills Run Red Premiere is Imminent!

The Hills Run Red is set to strike this coming weekend as the film finally reaches its long awaited release date.

Japanese Edges of Darkness Poster

It's been a while since we've gotten an update on the indie anthology Edges of Darkness, but today one of its stars, Lee Perkins, dropped us a line with a peek at the film's new Japanese poster.