Gory Piranha Images Turn the Water Red

Violence! Mayhem! Fish with teeth! Bodies shredded! We really like what we're seeing coming out of Arizona lately as another set of behind-the-scenes photos have surfaced from Aja's 3D Piranha, this time depicting a healthy bit of carnage!

Behind-the-Scenes New Moon Footage

And what work week would be complete without a dosage of the sparkly phenomenon that we have to put our nuts in our purses in order to write about? Yep, that's right, kids! Some behind-the-scenes footage from the second film in the Twilight franchise, New Moon, has just hit online; and we've got every last tweener-slaying second of it for ya!

Michael Cunningham Sells a Beautiful Girl

Michael (The Hours) Cunningham has decided to try his hand at terror, and Screen Gems apparently really liked what they saw! After all, who could resist a Beautiful Girl?

Four Clips From Surveillance

Surveillance, director Jennifer Lynch's on-the-trail-of-a-psycho thriller, is now playing on VOD, and on June 26th you'll even be able to dig on the film on the big screen as intended. To celebrate and whet your whistle a bit, we've hunted down four clips!

See Some Zombies from Zombieland

Things have been a bit quiet in Zombieland lately, but today a couple of stills showed up online and give a pretty good idea of what we're in for from this zom-com starring Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg.

First Look at Ramzi Abed's In a Spiral State

Ramzi Abed showed a real affinity for experimental, highly visual films with his The Devil's Muse (review), and we at Dread Central are pleased to provide the first official look at his follow-up, In a Spiral State.

Read Your Book of Blood DVD this September!

Reading through Clive Barker's Books of Blood was some of the most fun I've ever had with the genre. Sure, not every story was a winner, but the sheer imagination on display was astonishing. With director John Harrison having lensed two stories for an anthology film, I had some hope of seeing the adaptation hit the multiplexes.

Imminent DOOM on your iPhone!

Remember when the only game on your cell phone was Snake? It's hard to believe how evolved cellular gaming has become in the past seven or so years, but today's announcement from IGN raises the bar even higher! Now, you can wield the BFG and slaughter droves of pissed off demons all from the palm of your hand thanks to the iPhone!

Gullermo del Toro Picks His Frankenstein

In the Creepy household one monster reigns supreme -- Frankenstein's monster! We have Frankenstein everything! When visionary director Guillermo del Toro first started talking about directing his version of the timeless tale, there was much rejoicing. He's the perfect choice for a re-envisioning. In a recent interview del Toro let it slip whom he has in mind for the role.

Is Tony Scott Hungry for a Hunger Sequel?

Tony Scott’s 1983 vampire flick The Hunger, about Egyptian vampire Miriam Blaylock’s seduction of a young female doctor, might receive the sequel treatment in the very near future – if the British filmmaker has anything to say about it.

Huge New Batch of Stills from Blood: The Last Vampire

One thing's certain -- Samuel Goldwyn Films and Sony are pulling out all the stops to make sure people are aware of the upcoming Blood: The Last Vampire, which is being released July 10, 2009. Not only have they posted the first five minutes of the film, which you can watch here, but today they provided us with 20(!) brand-new stills.

Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island Trailer Brings the Spooky

It's hard to decide what to cover here on Dread Central, so we try and do it all even if at times it's a little bit fringy. Just trying to make sure all horror fans are covered. When news of Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island broke, we were a bit on the fence, but after this trailer? We are SO on board!

A Look at the Lost Halloween Footage

About three years ago Synapse Films' Don May, Jr., announced an estimated 45,000 feet of negative outtakes from John Carpenter's Halloween had been discovered. Things feel eerily silent, but today there's been a bit of an update, although it's not the kind we've been hoping for.

District 9 Website Now Open

The new accidental alien invasion flick District 9 got itself a bright, shiny new online home today that's riddled with all sorts of pro-alien propaganda that's bound to aggravate your suppressed memories of those damned anal probes!

The Canyon Trailer Surfaces

The trailer for the new indie thriller The Canyon starring Yvonne Strahovski, one of the stars of the NBC series "Chuck", has surfaced online today, and we've got a look at it for you!