Rachelle Lefevre Reacts to Being Bumped from Eclipse

In an interesting follow-up to the news that Bryce Dallas Howard would be taking on the role of Victoria in the upcoming third installment of the Twilight saga, Eclipse, we're now hearing from the original actress who portrayed the vamp on a vendetta, Rachelle Lefevre, and she is apparently none too happy about the swap.

HURRY! Unfinished Zombieland Trailer Unearthed

Zombieland looks amazing, and this new trailer will show you just how amazing in spades. There's one thing though ... it's pretty much unfinished, and once word of it being online gets out, I'm sure it'll be gone in a flash.

SDCC 09: Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton Talk The Collector

Generally in horror you really aren’t supposed to talk about fairy tales. However, longtime friends Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton have enjoyed a whirlwind (and fairy tale-esque) career since they arrived on the scene in 2005 through their involvement with "Project Greenlight".

SDCC 09: Fred Dekker Talks Night of the Creeps DVD

While walking the superhero-infested halls of the SDCC, we ran into Night of the Creeps director Fred Dekker and spoke to him about all things interesting! Including ....

A Perfect Batch of Stills from A Perfect Getaway

Can't wait for August 7th to get here? Need your Milla fix now? Don't worry, kids! We've got a boatload of stills from David Twohy's new thriller A Perfect Getaway to tide you over!

Poster and a Photo from Phobos

Here at Dread Central we're always on a lookout for something new and different to expose our readers to so when we heard about an upcoming Russian horror film called Phobos, of course we had to share the intel.

A Look into Gris Grimly's Lovesick Mind

The badass known as the Mad Creator, Gris Grimly, dropped us a line today with more insight into his latest short film Wounded Embark of the Lovesick Mind including the teaser trailer that he debuted at Comic-Con.

Tonner Introduces Three New Twilight Figures

Tonner Doll Company was the first collectibles outfit to recognize the potential of the Twilight franchise and (along with some prodding from Dread toy junkies) quickly jumped at the chance to bring this world of supernatural beings into their family of licenses. To date only Edward and Bella have been realized in doll form, but as the Dread crew closed up shop at San Diego Comic-Con, our excellent Tonner friends flagged us down for a sneak preview of what's to come.

Exclusive: Jason Mewes Takes a Breath of Hate

Sean (Silent Night, Zombie Night) Cain, director of the upcoming Hammer Films/ArsonCuff Entertainment horror feature Breath of Hate, tipped Dread off today of his casting of actor Jason Mewes. The Clerks and Feast alum will star in Breath of Hate alongside the previously announced Ezra (Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2) Buzzington and Felissa (Return to Sleepaway Camp) Rose.

Anderson to Become The Warded Man

If there’s one name that sends chills down the spine of Internet communities everywhere, it’s Paul W.S. Anderson (I guess Uwe Boll too, but fuck it; I love that guy). It’s not that his visual eye is bad, but he’s one of the only directors in Hollywood who refuses to grow as a filmmaker. Each new film is loaded with as many stereotypes and clichés as the last one, and today, I’m here to tell you that he’s got another film in the pipeline to anticipate.

Bill Moseley Nabs Himself Some Killer Green

Last month Dread Central brought you word about Killer Green, an upcoming horror flick about horrific happenings at a desolate, roadside pub. Today we got the good word that a veteran horror actor has joined the cast.

Repo Men Do the Repossession Mambo

During the past year anytime I’ve recommended Darren Lynn Bousman’s Repo! The Genetic Opera to anyone, they look at me and ask whether or not I’m referring to the 1984 Alex Cox comedy Repo Man. I expect even more confusion this winter when the upcoming organ harvesting flick formerly known as Repossession Mambo hits theaters with a suspicious title change.

There's a Dead Tone for Rutger Hauer

Ever see a little anthology film called Nite Tales? It was the one that starred Flava Flav introducing tales of carnage Crypt Keeper style. Though Flav nearly crippled the movie (boy did he come close), what made it work was the passion of director Deon Taylor. We've got the skinny on another project from Taylor that's been kicking around for a while now.

Myers to Get Chatty in Halloween 2?

In the first version of Halloween Rob Zombie had Myers speak one word, "Boo", referring of course to Laurie Strode's pet name as a baby. The scene didn't work, and Zombie wisely cut it. Will the "giant" be speaking in the sequel?

Drag Me to Hell Dragged to Home Video

If you missed Drag Me to Hell because it was rated PG-13 or some other lame-ass excuse, you now have a chance to atone for your sins when the movie hits DVD and Blu-ray this October just in time for Halloween!